Str8, Gay & Bi Bros No Clot

This is a group for people to share there experiences about hanging around with there gay, bisexual and straight bros or friends naked in a non sexual way, and also there experiences with there gay bisexual and straight bros or friends that ended up turning sexual.And to make and meet new like minded people.

All the same yet all different.

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I find it absolutely amazing looking at the pic on the main page. How all the guys are naked and obviously they all have cocks. The array of different shapes and sizes of not only their bodies but their cocks as well is great. Some long some shorter yet all beautiful. We are all the same when naked yet all so different no two of us are the same.

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RE:All the same yet all different.

Well if they are guys then I hope they have cocks. And don't forget the all important ball sac behind the cock.

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