A group for Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma, and Southeast Kansas. If you live in this area, visit this area, travel through this area, do business in this area, or are simply interested in meeting nudists in this area, then join the group and let's get acquainted.

I'll be making a trip to Dawg Woodz on Wednesday 4 May -- just for the day.

Anyone care to join me. More than willing to make carpool arrangements.

I have some friends who will be driving up from Arkansas.

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RE:Dawg Woodz

Not sure what or where that is, but I will probably be interested. We can ride together.

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RE:Dawg Woodz

There may be some other guys in Springfield who will go as well. Maybe meet up with them before heading east on 60.

I'll be in Diggins before 06:00 to meet anyone going. I know that's early, but need to get an early start if we'd like to spend much time there.

Dawg Woodz Camp

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