Testicles As a totally heterosexual guy, I am a great admirer and lover of the female body every nook and cranny [maybe that should read fanny] of it, with maybe if I was pushed breasts being my first choice, though all parts come a very close second. Given that I am heterosexual I would have to say that the male body does nothing for me indeed, including myself, I do not think the male body is...

Smooth ballsacks

Im a big fan of smooth not just for how mine feel smooth but how nice it is to taste a nice, smooth ballsack.


Hello everyone. Long time smooth nudist/consensual exhibitionist here. I love to show my full smooth balls to anyone who likes to look. Love to be caressed and squeezed as well as licked.

Testicles and age

Hi all. I'd just like to say that one of the advantages of getting older is that my balls are get lower and lower each year. I love it when they hang and swing about, it feels so nice. But they can still pucker up and tighten when...

Tasty Balls

I like seeing guys balls! I shave my ball sack so it feels and looks better. Growing up some guys would just reach out and squeeze my balls it hurt, but made me want to do more. Really like having a guy lie back as I spend time licking and sucking...

Middle Tennessee balls lover

Love my hanging balls ! or any males hanging balls I enjoy playing with my balls or playing with your balls Love to lick all males balls Suck male balls as well Does that make me a bad person?

Ball Stretchers..

I nave been working on stretching my scrotum and testicles for awhile now. I finally got two different heavy stretchers to add weight and I am at the point where I can mix and match heavy with just my light weight small rings to maximize the...

Why do photos get deleted?

Yesterday I posted a couple photos of my balls from various angles. They all got deleted by the moderator of the group. I'd like to know why. There is not rules or guidelines for posting. I didn't post anything others had not posted before.

Admirer of Low Hangers/Ball Stretchers

I am an admirer of all the guys who hang low & or use stretchers. I dont & cant...I do hang a bit more when its hot weather when my sack is loose but having 1 undeceded/smaller testicle its only the one big ball that hangin in the sack lol. And cock...

Balls and masculinity

Hi guys! For some reason the concept of hanging balls have always fascinated me! Maybe because I grew up watching my father having them, I really don't know. I've been going over this concept in my mind pretty often, and I think that it is...


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