Transgenders Unite

This group is for transgenders and their supporters. I have been living as a woman for 4 years now and I now feel free! I hope that I will be able to offer support and advise to other transgenders or people who feel that they were born with the wrong body

Hi From Yannick

Hi All,I'm Yannick, I'm a preop Transwoman. I'm glad to in this group. How are you all?

North-West UK

Hi,Anyone wanting to be Friend's in the North-West England of UK?

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Genderqueer in South Carolina

Hi Family. My Name is Yannick Taylor. I'm a transitioning Genderqueer in South Carolina and I've been a nudist since I was 14 years old. I love Blogging and Youtube Vlogging,Much Love,Ya-Ya

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Joining As An Ally!

Hello All, Hope everyone is doing well. I am a male. I amjoining this group to be an ally and friend to trans people. I won't say that I've known a lot of trans folks, but I have met a fewFTM and MTFs' in my ife time. About 25 years ago,...


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