True Nudist Addicts.

It's generally recognised, that to overcome any addiction, you must first admit, that you are in fact addicted. So with that in mind, I have created this group for "TN Addicts" to come out of the closet and openly admit that they need help :) It is intended, not for those addicted to naturism, for we are all pretty much guilty of that, (and in most cases, that is not a problem) but...

I never thought of nudity as an addiction

I was always just more comfortable, relaxed and happier not wearing clothes. It's an addiction i cant live without. Dont want to live without. Would be nice to find a "support group" to get together with for this addiction.

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Welcome to the group, tell us how you see...

Welcome to the group, and congratulations, for you have taken the first step on the road to recovery :) I personally would be quite happy to, and in fact do, spend as much time as I like here, but I have a number of pressing commitments that require...


I have a pic of me laying on a blanket outside my grand parents house when I was maybe a yr old with my bare butt up in the air, so I guess I was a nudist since a few young age, but never really got to practice it in public till my late wife and I...


to all nudist addicts

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I have long been addicted to nudity, even before True Nudists. Is that why I am sitting here NATKB? LOL

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What draws you, then ultimately keeps you...

What is it about this site or even being apart of an online community in general, that draws you and in the end keeps you here longer than you should? For me, I have an insatiable curiosity. Whether it be about a persons opinion, where they are...

Kinda slow for a bunch of addicts in here

Where is everyone. Surely you didnt all run off and get cured?! I refuse treatment. I want to be here and thats all there is to it. TRUE NUDISTS TRUE NUDISTS TRUE NUDISTS Hello.....

HI EVERY ONE! ..........

My name is Phil, and I just wanted to say, that I think this is a FANTASTIC site. I'm SO pleased to be here with all you LOVELY people! I filled out my profile, just like everyone says to, so I hope you all like it! Phil. ps. ..... If you did...

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Organised Opposition.

It would seem that we now have organised opposition to the clean up" campaign, in the form of the group, "TN Picture Preservation" I'm sure we all appreciate, that as "true nudists" we are, and will always be, in the...

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Guess Im on my own

The meetings are getting kinda dull. Its no fun stealing all the refreshments from the meeting if Im the only one that brought any.


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