Uncircumcised Guys

For Uncircumcised guys and there admirers.

Any guys in Edinburgh?

Any guys in Edinburgh? We can meet and organize some meeting!

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MeWe Users

Are any of us on MeWe as well as here at True Nudists?

uncut and hairy

i adore lovely uncut cocks and also have a pubic hair fetish, do other guys find these 2 tastes go together well?

What looks best, cut or uncut?

For me I love looking at cocks, whether cut or uncut, but find the sight of the glans just emerging form the foreskin is the sexiest image.And from my experience I find it the most arousing feeling as I pull my foreskin back slowly...

Lets keep it natural

Lets keep it natural at least for our future generations. Go on and join the discussion https://www.truenudists.com/group/ppl-agnst-circumcision/

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Love sucking uncut cocks!

Uncut cock is so sexy! They can own me and make me their own sissy! Love uncut men!

circumcised in my 30s

My foreskin started getting tight in my mid 30s so my dr. recommended getting clipped. I did...... Worst thing I have ever done.

New To Group

Hi All, I'm John...I'm new to the Group...I love to see nice long foreskins. Please message me.

Interested in joining my Facebook foreskin...

Hi guys, I moderate a secret, private group on Facebook called Hoodie, created for uncut guys and their admirers. You can post photos of your own uncut cock or the ones you like. It's a secret group, so only guys can see it whom I add. You need...

I wish

I wish I had been left intact. I have a friend that did a stretching to regain foreskin, using medical tape and a marble. I enjoy a nice uncut piece of meat. You could say I have a fetish for them. Like I have for bbc, ws, bb, cbt, tt,,,.