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For Uncircumcised guys and there admirers.

comparing on cam

anyone interested in comparing foreskin on skype? mine is quite long and a bit tight.

What looks best, cut or uncut?

For me I love looking at cocks, whether cut or uncut, but find the sight of the glans just emerging form the foreskin is the sexiest image. And from my experience I find it the most arousing feeling as I pull my foreskin back slowly...

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by Lowesnud 
Pissing with foreskin

Uncut guys, do you pull back your foreskin to pee or just let it flow?

Uncircumcised fantasy

My as yet unfulfilled fantasy is to play with an uncut cock pull back the skin and lick and suck to orgasm. I am fascinated by uncut cocks and am envious of those who have one being cut myself at birth with no say in the matter. Love watching uncut...

Men who are curious

I still get quite a few guys who have been cut and are trying to restore or who have a tight foreskin. Mine is quite long and loose and they all want to have a look at it on cam. I am always happy to oblige and satisfy their curiosity. Most say they...

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Lots of Precum?

I dont know if its due to my foreskin, but I always have a lot of precum. Kik. Steviet6677

My personal experience.

I have also been uncut all my life. Never had a problem. My friends on TN like my foreskin.

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Changing body chemistry?

Good morning guys. I am uncircumcised, have been my whole life :). My foreskin is quite loose, never had a problem with retracting it. I have always and still do, have very good hygienic practices. As a result, I have never had issues with...

UC Men

Glad there is a group for UC men, love being uncut and hanging naked admiring other UC penises

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new to truenudists and this group

hey guys im new on here and an uncircumcised guy. would be nice to get in touch with others

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by Zanny 

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