Uncircumcised Guys

For Uncircumcised guys and there admirers.

Seeing more and more uncut

I've come to notice more uncut lately, but definitely not as many cut. In all my years I've only known one guy that was older and became circumcised for medical reasons. Hope I never have to go that route.

Comparin foreskin.

Hey everyone. I'm just curious if anyone would like to compare foreskin on Skype.


Happy to get introduced with you all.FB: Sundaram A

Love my foreskin

You could say I'm rather attached to it, lol. But it feels so good sliding the skin back and too over my glans. I love seeing other guys wanking and seeing their glans popping out of their foreskin. Of course some guys when fully hard look as if...


Good day fellow nudies I am uncut and 21 and seeing that the ages varies on this site I'd love to get some feedback . Are there any disadvantages or advantages to being uncut ? And does being uncut have anything do with climaxing fast or is it...

thoughts on docking ?

I am very curious about how this group feels about docking and some experiences they have had

foreskin is the best

hi guys this a new group i am guessing there use to be another uncircumcised group with over 1k members , what happen to it ? why did it get deleted? Since there is only 15 guys here let's add our brothers with foreskin in here! if you're...

I love being uncut......

I enjoy being uncut for lots of reasons but I must say I also like the look of cut cocks too. When I am in the sun I often retract my skin to expose the glans. It feels good, it looks nice and it makes me feel more nude. Guy who see me sometimes...

I'm not circumsized

I'm 66 years old, Mexican born in the US. Not sure why in a time when it was so popular, I was not circumsized. But here I am.

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