Utah Nudists

Utah nudists of all persuasions. Let's keep it fun and friendly - we need to band together! Heheh.

Let's introduce ourselves!

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I'll start. I'm Scott. I live in North Salt Lake but I'm from Riverside, CA. I'm a 35 yr old RM. I'm currently single and I believe my ideal bride is also a nudist. I'm a life long Mormon who didn't grow up in a nude friendly household but I always liked being naked.

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RE: Let's introduce ourselves!

I'm Steve. I live in Utah Valley, and I've been practicing naturism wherever I can off and on for the last 20 years. I recently decided to try and devote more of my time and energy to the practice by looking for opportunities to be clothes-free. My recent re-interest was sparked by a conversation with my wife about her low self-esteem. I want to introduce her to the idea of naturism and hopefully help her lose some of her inhibitions and regain the confidence she once had. I'd be interested in discussing this process with any husbands who have been in similar situations and had success.

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