Virginia Nudists

Nudists that live in the great state of Virginia.

Three AT Hikes in Tennessee - August 20, 21,...

Three AT hikes planned for Tennessee with Damascus Virginia as our base. The three hikes are moderate, but two are long hike. 14.8, 16 , and 7 miles in length.

Nude modeling location ideas

I will be doing some nude modeling soon in northern VA and I need ideas of places I can easily strip down and shoot. Love skinny dipping and will be having some shots of me in water as well

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Nude boating

Any guys in the Hampton Roads area, go nude boating? I've been a few times years ago, and it was fun! You can get an even tan all over!

Nude hiking tonight SAT AUG 11

Looking to go hike tonight after dark, if anyone would like to join or they know of a place near Fredericksburg or Dahlgren to do this Id appreciate the tips!

Looking for friends

I along with my two daughters are planning on moving to the Smith Mountain Lake area of Virginia and I was wondering if there is any new families in that area singles and couples that like to meet up or if there's any nude resorts in that area...

Nude hiking in central VA

Found a spot for a nice nude hike and a swimming hole in Doswell, VA. Anyone interested?

White Tail this weekend

Hey All - this weekend is the nude 5k at White Tail Resort. There will be lots of people around for the whole weekend. You should come visit. We have a fun group coming and there's always a tone of other folks around.

Saturday July 28th Spa World day

Next Spa World get together day is Saturday July 28th. Love to hear who is planning on enjoying some Korean spa/bathhouse time at Spa World on that date. Sad to day that I will not be joining you guys but hope you have a great time there. It is hot...

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Spa World June 30th

Who is ready to go to the Korean spa that Alex Ovechkin likes to go to? I have never seen him there but other tn guys say they have seen him at the spa. His "8" jersey has been up on display for years at the Korean spa. Alex Ovechkin...

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Outter banks

Im visiting the outter banks this afternoon. Can anyone tell me where I can find fellow nudists so I dont feel so alone out here?

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