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Our Wedding Video

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I just located our 17-yr. old video of our Cypress Cove wedding. I can hardly wait to view it once our VHS player is working or a friend will convert it to DVD for us. That is truly something to look forward to.

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RE: Our Wedding Video

That would be a nice thing to have. At least you wouldn't be laughing at what people were wearing then, like when I look back at old pictures. Many of the pictures I posted here are from our honeymoon at Bluebonnet Resort in TX. They don't like cameras there, for obvious reasons, so we had to be careful and didn't really get that many.

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RE: :Perform nude weddings.

It was neat getting to see it.

I'm performing the next nudistceremony this coming spring either our property or theirs. Details and exact date has not as yet been confirmed.

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