Women In Skimpy Clothes

Since most people can't go nude all of the time, it is nice that skimpy clothes are available for ladies such as bikinis and skirts for ladies.

Ann loves going out in sheer and low tops and no bra. She loves men looking at her tits in public. If you like to see some photos and videos of Ann in her sheer and low tops you can email us at. annjo@hotmail.co.uk.

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RE:Ann and Jon

......what a great lady - much be so much fun to be with, Steve xx

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RE:Ann and Jon

My wife also like to exposed herself out in public sometimes. She do not mind if other see here tits.

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RE:Ann and Jon

My ex-wife would not even consider going to a nude resort but was certainly not shy around friends or even out in public when the mood took her. She was fond of wearing halter tops tied very loosely. Also sheer tops with no bra and a rather thin caftan with nothing underneath at all. After a few drinks in a club the buttons started opening and she would show a lot of skin. At cookouts with friends she liked to wear a shirt with the tail tied together at the waist and all the buttons on the front open. That showed a lot of cleavage and when she moved just right a full breast and nipple.

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RE:Ann and Jon

Seems as if, this Topic is more of a Fantasy for the guys, than it is a Reality... for any of the True Nudists?
From what we have seen and read on this True Nudist site, it would seem as if, anything to do with sex or anything to do with looking sexy is really frowned upon, from the Vanilla / Lifeless couples who's biggest Thrill or Adventure in their Life.... is just to be Nude, while wearing their Blinders?
Looking good or looking sexy for ones own partner, is what the initial attraction was, for all of them, at one time or another.
They all seemed to have lost sight of that one True Fact, some where along the way.
Being Sexy, Feeling Sexy and Looking Sexy "for one another" in any relationship, is what adds Life and Passion and Excitement to that couples Bond with one another.
Its funny how Nudists like to distance themselves from anything to do with Sex or with anything to do with looking sexy, for their partner.
We are presently at a Nude Resort, and when we look around the Pool deck, we see very very little effort or energy put into looking good for each others partner.
When did it become fashionable or acceptable to look like Hell, when out in Public.....especially when being Naked.... in front of others?
Having some Pride in ones appearance, seems to be something that is lacking ( BIG TIME ) in the Older demographics that dominate these Nude Resorts.
Being a Nudist to most means.......Means.....Not having to care, how one looks, with their Clothes Off.
Yuck.......is all that one can say, to the Visuals that this creates, for the others that witness that train of thought.
Looking Sexy - Dressing Sexy and being Sexy, is what makes any relationship that much more Fun, and looking Sexy and being Sexy, is what attracted us to all of our Partners and Mates.
Regardless of size or shape or age, anyone can put an effort into looking good for one another, whether you are a Vanilla Nudist, a Hard Core Swinger or you are a Bible Thumping Sunday School teacher. lol
Being Sexy and looking Sexy, is just plain ole FUN to do, for one another.
Life is way to short, not to have Fun and not to look Good, at all times...for the one that you Love.
Dressing Sexy, just adds to that Fun....for one another.
Being a Nudist does not mean.......that you can ignore the Blow Dryer and the Hair Brush , any more than leaving the Make Up and Jewelry at home, and waddling around in your Old Flip Flops with some cheap Resort towel wrapped around your waist, is acceptable while out in the Public eye.
Older Couples who are Nudists, have absolutely No Pride at all.... in the way that they look, while being Naked in front of others.
We are not suggesting that anyone looks like White Trailer Trash, while trying to look Sexy for ones own partner.
But......at least.....put an Effort into your own look.
You all looked Sexy and Hot at one time, to your partners eyes......what the Hell ever happened to that look, over the years?
Doing Nothing, to make ones self look better.... is so easy to do.
Putting an Effort into your Looks......requires a little more work, but the benefits will make anyones relationship, that much better and that much more Fun, for the both of you.
Sexy is FUN!
Looking Sexy and Dressing Sexy for ones own Partner, is the magic ingredient for a lot of Happy and Fun times.
Have Fun people......and put an Effort and some Energy into how you look for each other, and for the others that have to look at you.
Sexy is just FUN to do..no matter who you are!
Have Fun.....with one another and for one another.
That Sexy Look.......is what brought you together in the first place.
How quickly you all forget!
Have Fun!

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RE:Ann and Jon

Whats this all about.

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RE:Ann and Jon

F Divvano as the Italians might say :-) Don't read books let alone all that stuff


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