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This group is for people who enjoy Woodlot Nudist Retreat in Woodstock.

New here

What's the address? I will be in Woodstock tomorrow afternoon and have an hour or so before heading home.

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Sunday afternoon 7th

Anyone going this afternoon? Would like to go when more people are there.

First time

Hello, i have never been to a nudist retreat and i'm very curious. This looks like a relatively close place to go. How does all this work? parking, lockers, etc. Thank you for your info!

Woodlot general information

I've never been to Woodlot and want to know exactly where to enter, parking situation, cost, what facilities exist such as lockers, etc. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

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by dv8ones 
This weekend?

Anyone going this weekend? Itll be my first time!,

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Open during mid week?

I have an all day golf event at Lake Geneva on July 9. I was going to spend a few hours in the AM and lunchtime on July 10. Is the resort open midweek?

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Woodlot is back open

I hear Woodlot is back open. I am going out tomorrow, July 1. Anyone else headed out Monday?

Woodlot closed until further notice.

There has been a back up of the septic system and it may have contaminated the pool. Anyone considering going should call first or best to wait and see a post that all is cleared up and it is open.

Personal Grooming

Now that it is sun tan time again, I am looking for someone who has experience and who could do some personal grooming on me. If you do this or know of someone who would please let me know.


Some of you know Im writing a second zombie novel. Its about 1/3 done but Ive attached a section I wrote about Woodlawn Nudist Retreat in Tennessee. Woodlawn is fictitious, Woodlot is real. Some of the characters may remind you of some characters...

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