Sycamore Creek

Mile Marker 212 on Beeline Highway
ScottsdaleAZ 85260 United States

Embrace the sun at Sycamore Creek, a popular spot among the naturist community in Scottsdale, AZ. Known for its serene landscapes and clear waters, this creek offers a delightful escape into nature where clothing is optional. Naturists and nudists relish the freedom of Sycamore Creek, making it a...

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Hope to stop by tomorrow afternoon and am wondering if anyone knows if law enforcement continues to have an interest in our naked place

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RE:Citations ?

Federal land, you can go nude. Citations was fake news.

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RE:Citations ?

"Fake news" allegations: so easy to cast; so often inaccurate. Consider:

Report #IR23006371 - Sexual Offense
Crime:Indecent Exposure
Time:02:05 pm
Address of Crime: Tonto National Forest
Agency:Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Public indecency charges absolutely can be and have been laid on federal lands as has been documented here and on AANR and TNSF websites many times.

Being nude on public land where nude use has not been officially sanctioned is not without some risk. Often the risk is low and/or easily managed, as is usually the case at Sycamore Creek. Exercise caution until well away from the parking area, always take care not to offend (i.e. not be seen by) non-nudists, and odds are that you and everyone else will be able to enjoy the sun at Sycamore Creek for a long time to come.

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RE:Citations ?

Well put. Your post is spot on. I used to live near Sedona. A wide area around The Crack on Wet Beaver Creek is marked on Forest Service maps as "Non-nude Use" or "Nude Use Prohibited." This is another example that nudity on all federal lands may be "tolerated" but it is not "legal." In fact, if requested by Local and County governments, strict enforcement of non-nude use of federal lands within their jurisdiction can be requested and supported by rangers. In my nude interactions with rangers, they've always been nice but they always strongly reminded me to be dressed and aware of non-nudists well before the trailhead. And AZ is a state where if someone reports you as nude in public and acting in "lewd manner" -- which is open to wide interpretation -- not only can you be cited but you can be placed on the sexual offender registry. I share this not to scare anyone, but to put things in proper context.

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