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Social networking for nudists. That was the thought when True Nudists was launched in 2007. The site was created as a way to tap into a younger generation and attract a whole new generation to nudism. Naturists and nudists can sometimes find it challenging to find other like-minded friends, especially in a new town or while on vacation. Let's face it, asking someone, "Do you like to get naked?" can turn into an awkward conversation! Now, those who don't like textiles have a way to get to know others who also appreciate a clothes-free lifestyle.

True Nudists' mission is to provide a safe place for nudists to express themselves. The site—and the lifestyle—is not about sex. Indeed, many naturists are comprised of families, and children are welcome at most events. Not finding a family-friend, ethical site online was the impetus for starting True Nudists.

Now, the site has members from around the globe and has more than 200,000 users. Membership is free, with a paid option to gain access to viewing additional pictures. Since privacy is often an issue, users have the ability to block people, hide their profiles, and ensure that they are only discovered by search engines if they want to be.

We invite you to become a member and start meeting nudists around the world. So take off your clothes and stay awhile!

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True Nudists launches nude-yoga.com!Nude Yoga: Wave of the Future or Back to Nature?  The origins of yoga can be traced back to 500-200 BCE, and some believe it actually was practiced by Vedic priests long before. It came to the attention of educated Westerners in the 19th century and has been a mainstay among the health conscious ever since
TrueNudists.com Reaches 150,000 UsersSocial Media Site Realizes 50% Growth in One Year  New websites are launched daily, and the world is always looking for the next big thing in social media sites.   TrueNudists.com, a site designed for naturists, nudists, and those involved in the textile-free lifestyle to connect and interact, may be that site.   The site grew from 0 to 100,000 in three years, but it only took another flip of the calendar to move it up to 150,000.  Like other social media...
Social Networking for Nudists?True Nudists Provides a Safe Online Meeting Place for Those Who Shun Clothing  We come into the world without clothes, but we're quickly bundled up and tend to stay wrapped in clothes for the majority of our lives. However, for a growing number of Americans, nudism is becoming an accepted state of being. Clothing-optional pool parties abound, and many states have dedicated resorts for those in the naturist lifestyle.   Since 2007, one company, True Nudists, has provided...
True Nudists Reaches 100,000 Users!Social Networking Site for the Clothing Optional Crowd Marks Milestone in 3 years  When True Nudists was launched in 2008, the goal was to provide a site for nudists and naturists to connect with each other.   Since then, more than 100,000 people who prefer to skip the textiles have joined the online social network.    True Nudists offers members the ability to create an online profile, meet new friends, and even plan parties and vacations.  ...

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