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Nude Festivals

2016 Nude Festivals    The New Year brings another wave of annual events promoting nudism, naturalism, and a couple of things in between. Here is a worldwide guide to some sans-clothing festivals and events, ranging from the Festival Europeen de la Photo de Nu to Burning Man. Ooh la la.    Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games  January 17, 2016 -  Adelaide, Australia     This one's kind of a naked Olympics. Usually held...Full Story

Naturism Is Big Business

We know that every group spends money, and to exclude one can definitely lead to a fiscal loss. The state of Queensland in Australia has learned this lesson the hard way as they continue to lose hundreds of thousands of tourism dollars each year. The reason? The state offers not one legal nude beach.  Queensland is the only Australian state to not provide a clothing-optional beach area. This despite the fact that the state'€™s majestic beaches are a huge draw for travelers Down...Full Story

Is Nudism for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

Although you might be perfectly comfortable stripping down and letting it all hang out in the comfortable surroundings of your home, would you really call yourself a nudist? Some might; others might not. Here are some questions to help you determine if you are ready to make that next step to visit a nudist party or resort and consider yourself among the TrueNudists.  How often are you naked at home?  If your birthday suit the most comfortable outfit you own? If you sleep...Full Story

Romantic Getaways for Clothing-Optional Couples

You've already seen it in grocery stores, the red-themed candy boxes, stuffed animals, and cards. You think, "Valentine's Day already?" The answer is yes.   But that doesn't mean anticipating a night of crowded restaurants and movie theaters, and worrying about whether you have cash for the Valet guy. The weekend of Valentine's Day features plenty of places to go, where you don't have to worry about too much laundry.  Here are some clothing-optional, romantic getaways for...Full Story

Nude Beaches of Hawaii!

Clothing Optional for the Pacific Bound  Embrace your lifestyle and vacation days at the same time on Hawaii's many nude beaches. Terrains can range from lava rock black sands to the pale and pristine shores that put Hawaii on the map '€“ along with Rand McNally.  Here are some choices for clothing-optional beaches in Hawaii '€“ but first, choose your island:  Maui  Little Beach  Spanning approximately 170 yards, Little Beach is located in...Full Story

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