Nudism in Television

'.Nudism in Television.'

Contrasting Shows for Summer Watching

Nudism has made its way to television thanks to the onslaught of reality TV shows covering almost every lifestyle imaginable in the past decade. Not to be cliché, but if you’re looking to get out of the heat, nude television can run hot or cold this summer.

Two shows, both keeping a positive perspective on nudism – being it makes you more cool-headed and even tougher – are airing right now.


Buying Naked by TLC

A reality series airing on TLC, Buying Naked premiered in November 2013 – and is still in its first season. The show focuses on Pasco County, better known as the Nudist Capital of America as this west-central Florida region is said to have the nation’s largest concentration of nudist communities.

Buying Naked follows realtor Jackie Youngblood, who claims to be “nudist real estate expert.” BN is also highly informative – for both nudists and non-nudists. The show covers a lot of real estate tips and blunders, and breaks down the ideal home for nudist couples appearing on the show. Furniture textures, countertop height, the amount of windows and background privacy are all covered – though not all is covered. One point is driven home: These women still want big closets!

BN also features “Nudist Rules” – focusing mostly on naturalism etiquette like shaking hands versus hugging as a way of introduction, maintaining eye contact, etc.

This show is very light, even family-friendly. Cheery music boings around in the background, non-nudist realtors giggle and squirm as they step out of their comfort zone, and genitalia is concealed by household items and center pieces. But mostly, BN showcases excited couples buying homes, people maintaining their lawns under the sun, wet bars, pools, and puns galore.


Naked & Afraid

The Discovery Channel is home to Naked & Afraid, a reality program premiering in June of 2013 and now airing its third season.

Though this may seem like yet another survivalist series, the show features two, non-acquainted, male/female contestants who are meant to survive in an assigned location for three weeks in the nude. It’s all in the name with this one.

Locations have included Madagascar, Malaysia, Peru, Fiji, and the swamps of Louisiana. About the lightest thing about this show are the episode titles, which include “The Pain Forest” and “Hearts of Darkness.”

N&A takes on a pretty serious tone as after the initial and awkward-for-partners introductions. The intense conditions create an educational atmosphere for viewers, as the contestants and stoic narrator touch on geography, botany, biology, and survival skills.

This isn’t a show about nudists, but participants remain naked – and pretty sunburned – as they boil water, dig for crab, tend to blisters, and swat at bugs. Let’s just say “viewer discretion is advised” on this one for any weak-stomached witnesses.

Arizona Nudist-Friendly Trails

'.Arizona Nudist-Friendly Trails.'

Arizona Nudist-Friendly Trails

Five Clothing-Optional Hikes in AZ

If you’re more of a doer than a lounger, Arizona features an array of hiking options for the clothing-optional.

Nudist hiking spots can usually take place in a national forest, and can often end with a soak in some natural hot springs. Many naturist organizations lead guided hikes for fellow naturists, including Canyon State Naturists, Arizona Wildflowers, and Buff-a-teers.

As the temperatures continue to soar, try hiking to something while hiking in nothing.

Tanque Verde Falls

A four-season destination set in southern Arizona, Tanque Verde Canyon is found just east of the Tucson area. Several trails lead natural trekkers past a series of five waterfalls – the two-stage, 100-foot main falls and several smaller falls in the area.

Try the Lower Tanque Verde Falls Trail, Upper Tanque Verde Falls Trail, and the Overlook Trail – also known as the Green Trail, the Blue Trail, and the Red Trail. Tanque Verde Canyon also offers swimming holes, cliff-jumping, geocaching, and of course, excellent nature viewing in the Sonoran Desert.

Verde Hot Springs

Set in the Coconino National Forest near Payson, the Verde Hot Springs is your reward for yet another scenic, clothing-optional Arizona hike. The trail to the 98-degree hot springs – found amongst the remains of a former resort – is roughly three miles round trip.

A multitude of pools are available for suit-optional bathing, as well as several other trails along the Verde River. Overnight accommodations include the Childs Dispersed Camping Area, or cozy hotels and bed and breakfasts in nearby Strawberry, Pine, or Camp Verde.

Sycamore Creek

Set northeast of Phoenix along State Route 87, Sycamore Creek can be a secluded spot for those looking to experience the Tonto National Forest in the buff.

Continue along the Bee Line Highway, or Highway 87, until you reach Milepost 212, where you may exit, park, and make your way to the creek. You can hike for as little or long as you’d like along Sycamore Creek as no paths are especially designated as trails.

During the spring and summer, more than a few natural pools are wide open for skinny dipping and sunbathing. Head in during the week for a secluded soak, or run into several fellow hikers and bathers during the weekend.

Saddle Mountain

Also best in the spring, fall, and winter, the Saddle Mountain Trail is located in the western Phoenix area in Tonopah – found along Interstate 10.

The three-mile, round-trip trek to the Saddle peak and back is filled with more desert landscapes, wildlife views, and plenty of sunshine. Nudist hikers in Arizona are suggested to use the southern trails for a more private adventure.

Kaiser Hot Springs

Set near Wikieup in northern Arizona, Kaiser Hot Springs Trail is best trekked from October to April for a chance to soak in these 100-degree waters.

Set along State Route 93, Kaiser Spring Canyon is located south of Interstate 40 – or Historic Route 66 – and roughly one to three hours from Kingman, Prescott, Phoenix, and Flagstaff.

The trail to the Kaiser Hot Springs is approximately 1.5 miles, making it a little more than three miles round-trip.

*While these locations tend to be nudist friendly, they are not legal nudist spots so hike at your own risk.

Five Clothing-Optional Escapes in Arizona

'.Five Clothing-Optional Escapes in Arizona.'

Forget swimsuit shopping this year, and try one of six clothing-optional resorts, ranches, and B&Bs throughout Arizona.

Find yourself in a natural state as you enjoy beautiful natural surroundings in Phoenix, Tucson, and beyond. Look forward to tennis, volleyball, swimming, and more – or hang back at the many pool decks, misty ramadas, and cozy suites in these five naturist retreats.

1. Mira Vista Resort

Known as a “Premier Clothing-Optional Resort,” Mira Vista Resort is located in north Tucson along Interstate 10. Neighboring the Saguaro National Park, Mira Vista is a truly desert-themed haven for au natural natives and visitors alike.

Though parts of this clothing-optional resort date back to the mid-1800s, Mira Vista was formally established in 2006 solely for naturist recreation. This 30-acre resort features 14 suites, a couple rentable condos, and the full-service Desert Café – all adorned with that classic hacienda/adobe-style look.

And don’t miss the tennis courts, spas, pools, fitness center, message service, volleyball pool, you name it – and all in the scenic Sonoran Desert.

2. Shangri La Ranch

Found in north Phoenix by way of Interstate 17, Shangri La Ranch is a family-friendly, clothing-optional facility set in New River.

Open throughout the year thanks to that dry-heat you’ve heard so much about, Shangri La Ranch features everything from a solitary or romantic getaway to social activities and games. We’re talking volleyball, tennis, basketball, hiking, and after-sunset fun like dancing and karaoke.

3. AZ Lagoon del Sol B&B

Also set in the Valley of the Sun, AZ Lagoon del Sol B&B has everything you picture for an oasis-away-from-home. Picture a saltwater pool, lounge chairs, deck umbrellas, and a bubbling hot tub. Other amenities include billiards, cards, checkers, chess, and Wi-Fi for you tablet toters.

This being a bed-and-breakfast, visitors may choose from the Exotic Zebra or Romantic Ruby guest room, and anticipate hot breakfasts – plus plenty of Southwestern fare.

4. Casa Cahava B&B

Situated in the North Valley – specifically Cave Creek – Casa Cahava B&B is a two-acre private abode ideal for a clothing-optional vacation.

Offering a private guesthouse, or “Casita at Casa Cahava,” and an in-house guest suite, Casa Cahava features cool activities like swimming and pool-volleyball, to some heated fun like the hot tub, sunbathing chairs and floats, and the Casita fireplace.

The Guest Casita also features a full kitchen, and spotty reception for those looking to digitally disconnect.

5. El Dorado Hot Springs

Try the 107-degree natural springs in your natural state at El Dorado Hot Springs – found in Tonopah of deep-West Phoenix. The mineral springs of El Dorado is the main attraction in this truly rustic, clothing-optional vacation.

El Dorado offers several private soaking areas, including the Stargate, the Corral, and the Duck Pond. And for views of Saddle Mountain, try the Sunset Area or Desert View.

Camping is available at a few private soaking areas, while other overnight accommodations include Motel California, Desert Pete’s Bunkhouse, the Last Resort, and the Post Office.

Whether you’re looking to reflect, relax, or meet new people, these nudist-friendly retreats are beyond friendly with some scenery to match.

Website Updates and Upgrades

'.Website Updates and Upgrades.'

The next few months are going to bring in a ton of new updates, changes and fixes. We plan on investing quite a bit into upgrading our horribly working video system, and making photos/videos easier and better for users. Here’s a brief list of SOME of the changes.

– Overhaul Videos for profiles, gallery
– Picture Editing (Rotating, Cropping)
– Fix the horribly broken event system.
– Updates to speed up the site.
– Reducing the # of emails the site sends, grouping multiple emails into 1.
– Make the site more mobile friendly.

We’re open to suggestions, and I’ve set up an anonymous suggestion box.

Suggestion Box

*Required lawyer style disclaimer : Suggestions should be given in good-will and no compensation should be expected. We are grateful for your assistance, but we can not afford to pay for any suggestions that we may or may not use on the site.

True Nudists launches!

'.True Nudists launches!.'

Nude Yoga: Wave of the Future or Back to Nature?
New Website Brings Together Nudism and Yoga for Members

March 6, 14 (Phoenix, Ariz.) — The origins of yoga can be traced back to 500–200 BCE, and some believe it actually was practiced by Vedic priests long before. It came to the attention of educated Westerners in the 19th century and has been a mainstay among the health conscious ever since. So when the developers behind the social network launched in 2013, it was more of a way to bring the past to the future and incorporate modern-day naturism with what has been considered natural for centuries.

Yoga is a practice of both the mind and body, where one challenges oneself to settle into stretches and poses by controlling the breath and calming the mind. Nudism is a lifestyle choice in which people feel more comfortable being in nude than clothed. was born out of because so many nudists were looking for activities they could do with others who shun textiles.

“As both a yoga enthusiast and a nudist, I saw them as naturally connected. People are nudists because they are comfortable with their bodies, and yoga is an exercise in feeling the same. We heard from many members who wanted to have more organized yoga events, and that’s when the idea for came into being,” shared the founder and developer of both sites. has been going strong since 2008 and now boasts over 200k members. lists events across the country, where practitioners of yoga can find gatherings where nudists enjoy poses together. In addition, for those who are a little wary of jumping into a nude yoga class with strangers, they can participate in online nude yoga. If they do venture to an event, as with any clothing-optional events, those who choose to wear clothes are always welcome, but they should be forewarned that they may be in the minority.

“The classes are all about gathering with like-minded people. Some who don’t understand nudism think that it’s a sexual experience, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We are just comfortable in the outfits in which we were born, and we look for more ways to be nude when we can,” added the website’s founder.

In addition to sharing information on how to attend either a virtual or in-person nude yoga calls, also acts as a resource for students of yoga. There, they can have access to photos and instructional videos of poses so they’re not wondering what a “downward dog” is when they head to class.

Nude yoga has seen a growth in popularity in the U.S. in recent years, just as clothed yoga has. Media have covered this new trend along with other exercise methods, so more and more people are interested in experiencing a class. And allows them to find classes and learn all they need to know about the practice.

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