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Blacks Beach

About Blacks Beach

Black's Beach, America's most popular, is still an active nudist site in the state-owned portion. If visit, do your part to keep it that way by respecting the boundary signs and covering up if you're going beyond them. Nudity bans are enforced on the south end in the city-owned portion of Black's Beach ($135 fine) Black's Beach is topped by 300-foot high sandstone cliffs Two miles long and as wide as 60 feet There have been some reports of sex on the sand Hang gliders and remote control airplanes nearby Paul says Black's is "Very clean and at low tide, it is very wide. High tide can consume nearly all of it if it is an especially high, high tide. Sand is fine and is a mixture of black and white sand." Attendance at Black's Beach can top 10,000 "Official" website: - Blacks Beach Bares. It's very informative about the beach and what to expect.

Directions to Blacks Beach

I-5 exit westbound Genessee Avenue West 0.8 miles to North Torrey Pines Rd Turn left Drive 0.2 miles to Torrey Pines Scenic Road Turn right and go to the Torrey Pines Gliderport (hang gliders) at the end of the road. Dirt road to parking at end of cul-de-sac Trail at the south end of the parking area is long and hazardous, use extreme caution and wear shoes (see photo below) Or walk down the much safer paved road that starts at La Jolla Farms and Blackgold Roads (20 minutes)

Blacks Beach Amenities


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Review(s) of Blacks Beach

User: NaturistSoaker
Male | 61 | Not Certified
North Of Boston, Massachusetts United States | Nudist For 30 years
out of 5

Great place
Reviewed on : February 02nd 2015
Date of Stay : January 01st 1970

This is a wonderful place to enjoy a stroll among other nudists. The only downside is the popularity which attracts gawkers and some (though usually discrete) sexual activity.

beautiful beach, lots of friendly people


User: Lebowski
Male | 31 | Certified Member
Los Angeles, California United States | Nudist For 5 years
out of 5

I wish I had tried sooner.
Reviewed on : September 02nd 2014
Date of Stay : September 01st 2014

I just visited Black's for the first time yesterday and I had a fantastic time. I didn't try it sooner because it is farther away than San Onofre from Los Angeles and some descriptions make it seem hard to get to. If you are in halfway decent shape and don't have joint problems the gliderport entrance is not too difficult and it seems to go directly to the nude area. When I factor that in it is actually quicker and easier than San Onofre was back when it was still nude friendly. I will definitely find the time to go again.

Free, easy to get to

The above mean that there will be a few gawkers.

User: AndyDi
Male | 62 | Certified Member
So Cal, California United States | Nudist For 40 years
out of 5

Great nude beach
Reviewed on : September 27th 2013
Date of Stay : September 27th 2013

We were long time regulars at San Onofre. Having closed that beach down to nude use, I ventured south to Black's. I found that this nude beach, like most, is a challenge to get to but worth the trek. The beach is long, great for nude walks and plenty of sand to share. There is a good mix of people visiting and most are naked. The University up the hill brings younger people down to the beach and some are there to enjoy the beach in the nude. Others use this beach and the steep trail as part of their exercise routine. I always question someone that cares so much about females visiting and being naked. To me that throws up a red flag and they are there to look or gawk at females instead of enjoying the ability of having this beach to use and use it sans suits or clothing. Usually ... the constant "need" for females to use the beach and be naked is what keeps many of them away. Change your attitude and they will come! During my visits, I've seen many, many women on Black's and many younger females from the University. Some come together and others come alone. Many of the regular visitors to San Onofre Beach, Trail 6 have ventured south to Black's and now frequent this beach.

Only tolerated, recognized nude beach in Southern California. Good mix of people, most, by far, are naked. Long and wide beach, plenty of room to have space to yourself.

Occasional gawkers and voyeurs. Be mindful of your surroundings and those around you. The trek down to the beach and back up to the parking lot is a challenge. TAKE YOUR TIME! It's easier with frequent stops!

User: lous4000
Male | 28 | Certified Member
Los Angeles, California United States | Nudist For 15 years
out of 5

Blacks Beach The Male Locker Room
Reviewed on : February 19th 2013
Date of Stay : June 15th 2012

I just want to start off by saying that Im very grateful to have huge, warm nude beach with great surf and few rocks, that is relatively close to Los Angeles. However as a few before mentioned the gawkers, it seems they have scarred away all the women. I went with a friend of mine thats a female (we were both nude), I couldn't walk 30 feet away from her without her being hit on. As we walked the beach together I began counting women and after passing a few hundred people I had counted around 20-30 women about 5-10 topless, a few with only big shirts on, 4 or 5 nude and about 10 in bikinis. Most of the bikini girls looked like they were from the college just up the street. (almost gawkers themselves) but any female with a hint of nudity was well over the age of 40, my friend was the only nude girl in her 20s! Furthermore I love sports while my friend wanted to sunbathe so I went to see if I could join the volleyball. (the separation led to a man hearing an imaginary fight giving him the chance to come over and "save" my friend) So while I stood on the side of the court naked waiting for the right opportunity to ask to get in the next game... (An intimidating act when your not naked if you don't know anyone) I was given the attitude one might expect when stepping up to a basketball court in say Compton in a very "White Man Cant jump"-esk setting.(even from the females!) Despite the cliquey mentality I got in there and did work for 2 games and eventually got a little respect from a few of the loks. All in all Im just glad to have a nice nude beach I can run on and surf at. If you want to try getting naked in public for the first time this is a good place to do it!

Beautiful beach! Good surf, nice sand, Volley ball courts, Not confined to a tinny area

always a slight breeze (hence the hang-gliders), Con only to me being younger but: older crowd, few females

User: A1_Adventure
Couple | 36 & 39 | Certified Member
Temecula READ Our Updated PROFILE, California United States | Nudist For 10 years
out of 5

Beautiful Beach and Fun Hike
Reviewed on : July 30th 2009
Date of Stay : July 04th 2008

We have been going here for many many years. It is absolutely gorgeous. The people are not as friendly or inviting as some other local beaches, but still a great place. Dogs are not allowed either and the hike is a bitch for some, but the Mr of this couple loves it, the Mrs, not so much. Lots of gawkers here and in case it matters, the north end seems dedicated to the gay community. We will still go here once in a while when we won't be bringing our dog.

Simply Beautiful Location and Scenary, good access & parking

Some may find the hike a bit much, way too many gawkers

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Heading to Blacks beach, from Mn

any suggestions for a hotel along beach that is reason...

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