Affiliate System is Now LIVE!

Affiliate System is Now LIVE!

We want your traffic!

As a site grows, we can only rely on organic traffic for so long. We recently upgraded our affiliate system to allow for our users to earn passive income just by sending traffic to our site.

Many of our users have blogs, websites or newsletters, so we figured we would allow our users to generate revenue just by sending your targets traffic to our site

We pay out bi-weekly to the method of your choice.

If you are interested in joining the affiliate system, just visit

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  • iam payed but don.t have accees it me to upgrade...PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!
    • iam payed but don.t have accees it me to upgrade
      • I was talking on the site last night. I complimented a person for raising their children to be nudists....AND I GOT BANNED!!! GIVE ME A BREAK, MODS. This was rediculous !
        • That would be a wonderful help "in time of trouble."
          • I would love to join the affiliate system unfortunately your link to times out. Are you still offering an affiliate service or have you stopped? My site gets loads of traffic but I need a good nudist dating affiliate service. Is there an alternative way of joining?
            • it really is sad I do like the site but will not recommend it to anyone because of how controlling the Moderators are! If you have one disagreement with them they watch out for you and everything that you say so they can ban you. I thought there was freedom of Speech but guess not on this site! The moderators have a God Complex. They like to feel they can twist the rules to fit how they interpret them! I would not suggest to anyone to go here!
              • Where can we post questions about the affiliates system? Where can and cannot we attach the links?
                • Would not be interested in driving traffic to the site until the Moderator's are more consistent and more accountable. They contribute to keeping the organic traffic lower by an over interpretation of some rules e.g. face on cam and an under interpretation of others (be nice) so they will ignore or be part of bullying someone asking for pvt (which is presumably okay as it is a function incorporated into the site), but will penalise someone whose face leaves their cam frame for a second.
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