Affiliate System is Now LIVE!

Affiliate System is Now LIVE!

We want your traffic!

As a site grows, we can only rely on organic traffic for so long. We recently upgraded our affiliate system to allow for our users to earn passive income just by sending traffic to our site.

Many of our users have blogs, websites or newsletters, so we figured we would allow our users to generate revenue just by sending your targets traffic to our site

We pay out bi-weekly to the method of your choice.

If you are interested in joining the affiliate system, just visit

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  • Where can we post questions about the affiliates system? Where can and cannot we attach the links?
    • Would not be interested in driving traffic to the site until the Moderator's are more consistent and more accountable. They contribute to keeping the organic traffic lower by an over interpretation of some rules e.g. face on cam and an under interpretation of others (be nice) so they will ignore or be part of bullying someone asking for pvt (which is presumably okay as it is a function incorporated into the site), but will penalise someone whose face leaves their cam frame for a second.
      • Who do I contact concerning my payout? It has reached the threshold and I have called the number but all I get is a google voice voice messaging system
        • Have been a nudist since I was 14 years old joined a camp in Berlin Charlottenburg Germany and now I will be joying a camp coming spring in Fort Erie Ontario Canada , have been visiting this summer as often as I could it is a very lovely place close to the Queen Elisabeth Highway.
          • Western New York area
            • I want to meet nudists in Norway.
              • I am just trying to get a couple of photos of me on this site But I have been unable to do it as i am not sure if you are looking for someone who can make it A dress site
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