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Naturism Is Big Business

Naturism Is Big BusinessWe know that every group spends money, and to exclude one can definitely lead to a fiscal loss. The state of Queensland in Australia has learned this lesson the hard way as they continue to lose hundreds of thousands of tourism...

Is Nudism for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

Is Nudism for You? Questions to Ask YourselfAlthough you might be perfectly comfortable stripping down and letting it all hang out in the comfortable surroundings of your home, would you really call yourself a nudist? Some might; others might not. Here are some questions to...

What Scars Are Your Clothes Hiding?

What Scars Are Your Clothes Hiding?For most nudists, being without clothes is comfortable. We don't judge others on their scars or stretch marks, and we certainly don't look to hide them under textiles. But what about those people who have thought about...

Nudity: A Family-Friendly Activity

Nudity: A Family-Friendly ActivityIn todays age of sexualizing anything to do with the naked body, it can be hard to think of nudity as a family-friendly activity. Those who are not familiar with naturists may find it inappropriate for parents and children to be...

Nudity in Entertainment: Is the Stigma Diminishing?

Nudity in Entertainment: Is the Stigma Diminishing?Unless you live under a rock, you know about all of the nudity that's been surfacing in music videos lately. Robin Thicke's huge summer hit, "Blurred Lines," has an unrated video with gratuitously topless models...

How to Travel Solo to a Nudist Resort and Do It in Style

How to Travel Solo to a Nudist Resort and Do It in StyleThe first time you get naked in front of strangers is kind of a big deal, but if you're with other people you know, it's a lot easier. The trouble comes when you wander off to a nudist resort by yourself because you...

Nude Recreation Week: Join the Festivities!

Nude Recreation Week: Join the Festivities!If you are a nudist, you know that you're comfortable doing just about anything in the buff, whether solo or with friends. But what about your friends who have a hard time showering without a swimsuit on? Nude Recreation Week...

So It's Your First Time to a Private Nudist Party

So It's Your First Time to a Private Nudist PartyThere are many ways to join the nudist lifestyle and share it with others. Certainly, you can invite friends to your home and be comfortable shedding your textiles in your own backyard pool. Another choice is to visit a resort...

I Love You and I'm a Nudist

I Love You and I'm a NudistGetting into a new relationship is stressful. We're on our best behavior for the first few months, and we second-guess every action, word, thought, and feeling.So what if you're a nudist and you met your heart's desire...

Are You Ready to Come Out as a Nudist?

Are You Ready to Come Out as a Nudist?Usually, when you hear the term "coming out" you probably think of individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. But there are a lot more categories than sexual preference that require "outing"...

First Time to a Nudist Resort

First Time to a Nudist ResortThere's a certain comfort level that comes with being in our natural state, sans threaded materials. You may be fine with walking around the house in your birthday suit, or even having friends over for a clothing-optional pool...

You Have to Be This Old to Enter

You Have to Be This Old to EnterIf you've ever visited a clothing-optional resort community, you may have noticed that there are a large number of people there in their golden years. It seems that retirement helped them to lose their inhibitions and they...

Cameras Not Allowed

Cameras Not AllowedToday, everyone has a camera with him/her at all times. Cameras can be found on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and it's pretty rare that we're without one of these electronic devices.If you have children and have a... Reaches 150,000 Users Reaches 150,000 UsersSocial Media Site Realizes 50% Growth in One YearNew websites are launched daily, and the world is always looking for the next big thing in social media, a site designed for naturists, nudists, and those...

Are You a Naturist or a Nudist?

Are You a Naturist or a Nudist?So you don't have a problem with walking around in your birthday suit, whether youre alone or with others. Does that make you a nudist or a naturist?These days, the terms are used almost synonymously, but their true meanings...

Social Networking for Nudists?

Social Networking for Nudists?True Nudists Provides a Safe Online Meeting Place for Those Who Shun ClothingWe come into the world without clothes, but we're quickly bundled up and tend to stay wrapped in clothes for the majority of our lives. However, for...

True Nudists Reaches 100,000 Users!

True Nudists Reaches 100,000 Users!Social Networking Site for the Clothing Optional Crowd Marks Milestone in 3 yearsWhen True Nudists was launched in 2008, the goal was to provide a site for nudists and naturists to connect with each other. Since then, more than...

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Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins is the chief of staff of The Grammar Doctors, a content-marketing firm that partners with business owners and job seekers to develop and implement strategies to accelerate results. The Grammar Doctors specializes in writing website content, articles, blogs, newsletters, press releases, social-media updates, advertisements, and rsums, as well as copyediting for authors and students.

Amanda works with clients across the country, has edited several published books, and served as the editor in chief and major contributor to Jetset Magazine, an affluent lifestyle magazine. She is an acclaimed presenter, haven spoken at LaidOffCamp, DeVry College, and a number of networking organizations. Amanda has been covered in the press on Good Morning Arizona, The Arizona Republic, The Phoenix Business Journal, AM Arizona, KFNX, and KJZZ, Phoenixs National Public Radio affiliate.

When not writing killer copy, Amanda treasures spending time with her seven-year-old son Patrick and building her collections of Wonder Woman and The Little Mermaid mementos.View my profile

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