Naturism Is Big Business

Naturism Is Big Business

We know that every group spends money, and to exclude one can definitely lead to a fiscal loss. The state of Queensland in Australia has learned this lesson the hard way as they continue to lose hundreds of thousands of tourism dollars each year. The reason? The state offers not one legal nude beach.

Queensland is the only Australian state to not provide a clothing-optional beach area. This despite the fact that the state’s majestic beaches are a huge draw for travelers Down Under.

If nudists want to find a place to let it all hang out, they’re likely to head to nearby New South Wales, which boasts 24 recognized nude beaches, 3 of which are legal. For those comfortable with skirting the law, there are a few locations in Queensland where nudists in the know will go clothing optional, but none of those are legal places to walk the beach without textiles.

Throughout the years, locals have petitioned to have the state add a sanctioned beach to the state, but the sentiments have, so far, landed on deaf ears. The current argument is how much money is leaving Queensland and heading to New South Wales with the nude tourism business. One local, John Hart (see source), estimates couples inject at least $1,500 a week into the local economy for hotels, car rentals, and food. State officials cannot say how much travel income they are potentially losing, although they do acknowledge that it’s a possibility.

Repercussions don’t end with a lack of tourism money, however. For some individuals, they may end up with criminal records.

Alexandria Bay in Queensland is often used by the clothing-optional crowd, even though the beach is not legally classified as such. Infractions lead to patrols by local law enforcement and can result in arrests. That’s something most tourists don’t want to keep as a souvenir after having visited Australia.

So if you’re planning a trip to Australia in the coming future, be sure to stick to legal nude beaches and spend your money liberally!

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  • Byron Bay. Is fantastic for the nude beaches. Signs are on display!. Hey its also has its own nude based Resort!. Ravenswood ? Not 100% sure!. Close to a Byron Bay Nsw . & the town full of beautiful people and a community that supports on & all!.
    • so much money it is time Qld has more nudist sights
      • Australia is such a big place with a relatively small population that finding beaches to be nude on is not that difficult away from population centres, even in Queensland. There's a great nudist beach on Magnetic island as well as the one mentioned at Alexandria Bay, among others. They even have nudist events at Alexandria Bay, we've been there with what seemed like well over a thousand other nudists.
        • We have visited Queensland twice from Canada. I was able to go nude on Alexandria beach, but not legally. We give preferences to places where we can be nude legally for future travel.
          • Part of the solution is to express intent to visit Queensland and ask specifically about nude beaches and the facilities of supporting nude related infrastructure, i.e. Nude cruising on boats, hotels B&B's, going nude all day and the official places and activities made possible and supported by the authorities. When you don't get a satisfactory reply or a response, state your preference for nude recreation and say you will take your holiday elsewhere. That sort of thing will be noticed and acted upo
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