Is Nudism for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

Is Nudism for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

Although you might be perfectly comfortable stripping down and letting it all hang out in the comfortable surroundings of your home, would you really call yourself a nudist? Some might; others might not. Here are some questions to help you determine if you are ready to make that next step to visit a nudist party or resort and consider yourself among the TrueNudists.

How often are you naked at home?

If your birthday suit the most comfortable outfit you own? If you sleep naked, walk around the house naked in the morning, stay naked as long as possible after your morning shower, and are ready to strip down as soon as you get home from work, you may be a nudist. Nudists are comfortable in their own skin and like the feeling of being free, especially when theyre at home and no one is around.

What do you do when someone suggests getting naked?

No, were not talking about an attractive someone who wants to enjoy your naked body. We mean that friend who suggests a quick skinny-dip when you come across a swimming hole during a hot summer hike. Or that crazy friend who says you should get naked and run across the backyard (or neighborhood!). If youre the first to start stripping down, you may be a nudist.

How do you feel about clothing-optional events?

When you receive an invitation to a clothing-optional party, are you picking up the phone to RSVP? Certainly, clothing optional means that you can wear clothes or not, so its a great way to test the waters to find out if you should really refer to yourself as a nudist. Sometimes, just being around people who are willing to take it all off can normalize the situation and make you feel like the odd person out if you keep your clothes on. Once youre comfortable taking off your clothes at a party, you may just be a nudist.

Do your vacations center around places you can be naked?

You know youre truly a nudist when your travel plans incorporate the ability to wander around in public without restrictive clothing. If you take day trips to the nearby nudist resort, plan vacations to warm areas with nude beaches, or seek out a clothing-optional cruise, you may be a nudist.

So what do you think? Are you a bona fide member of the community? Can you call yourself a nudist and feel good about it? What other questions would you add to confirm that you are, indeed, a nudist?

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  • If I run 3-4 km around the headland / nature reserve naked every morning, does that make me a nudist? What if its at 3-AM?!
    • Trifft alles auf mich zu. Also bin ich hier richtig. :-)
      • i am a definitely a true nudist .Thanks for this question.I sleep nude and when i get up in the morning stay nude as long as i can.If i have chores to do outside then i get dressed and when i come in for lunch i strip naked (as i am now, just finished lunch) In the evening i will come in strip, have an outdoor shower ,make dinner in the nude, sometime have dinner outdoors in the nude and remain nude all evening .And love every minute of it .My wife is not as much as me bu tottal tolerant of me being nude
        • I must be a true nudists because the more naked I am the happier I am, especialy in front of other people. So, I suppose you could say I am a bit of an exhibitionist as well. Being naked gives me a feeling of freedom and to walk around naked in nature is the most liberating sensation I have ever experienced.
          • Yes I consider myself a naturist. If I was allowed I would be naked all the time. I do go to a clothing optional club near me as often as I can and enjoy being in the company of like minded naked people. However, what miffs me now is how our evening party nights have gone from most men being naked and the ladies wearing sexy underwear, to now the majority are fully clothed for best part of the evening. If you didn't know any different, walking in you 'd think you were in a normal night club at times.
            • Nude at home or outdoors. Is the way I love to be. I will sleep Nude. Cook dinner in the nude. Even do diy around the house in the nude (painting +tiling & wallpapering)
              • I really want to find to find forest so I can go get and walk around naked
                • q1 as much as possible till wife bitches 100% slept nude Q2 you need to suggest? as long as it legal. Would love to go to a resort or the nude cruise
                  • Yes naturism is for me. I am always naked at home night and day. If I put anything on. Its just to go outside. When I arrive where I am going I strip back off. If I I get told to by my wife. I do all the decorating in the nude. Cleaning, DIY. Any job around the home as to be done. As I am always in the nude. That's the way they get done. I sleep in the nude. Since I was 8 year old I have always believed in naturism.
                    • Since our first "Bare Cruise" we gonna be very excited to get naked. We loved to swim naked and enjoy if we can do so.
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