Is Nudism for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

Is Nudism for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

Although you might be perfectly comfortable stripping down and letting it all hang out in the comfortable surroundings of your home, would you really call yourself a nudist? Some might; others might not. Here are some questions to help you determine if you are ready to make that next step to visit a nudist party or resort and consider yourself among the TrueNudists.

How often are you naked at home?

If your birthday suit the most comfortable outfit you own? If you sleep naked, walk around the house naked in the morning, stay naked as long as possible after your morning shower, and are ready to strip down as soon as you get home from work, you may be a nudist. Nudists are comfortable in their own skin and like the feeling of being free, especially when theyre at home and no one is around.

What do you do when someone suggests getting naked?

No, were not talking about an attractive someone who wants to enjoy your naked body. We mean that friend who suggests a quick skinny-dip when you come across a swimming hole during a hot summer hike. Or that crazy friend who says you should get naked and run across the backyard (or neighborhood!). If youre the first to start stripping down, you may be a nudist.

How do you feel about clothing-optional events?

When you receive an invitation to a clothing-optional party, are you picking up the phone to RSVP? Certainly, clothing optional means that you can wear clothes or not, so its a great way to test the waters to find out if you should really refer to yourself as a nudist. Sometimes, just being around people who are willing to take it all off can normalize the situation and make you feel like the odd person out if you keep your clothes on. Once youre comfortable taking off your clothes at a party, you may just be a nudist.

Do your vacations center around places you can be naked?

You know youre truly a nudist when your travel plans incorporate the ability to wander around in public without restrictive clothing. If you take day trips to the nearby nudist resort, plan vacations to warm areas with nude beaches, or seek out a clothing-optional cruise, you may be a nudist.

So what do you think? Are you a bona fide member of the community? Can you call yourself a nudist and feel good about it? What other questions would you add to confirm that you are, indeed, a nudist?

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  • I would say yes to all but running naked through the neighborhood? That seems more of an act of an exhibitionist rather than a nudist. To get naked and hang out in the backyard...absolutely! Living in a very rural farming region, there aren't any CO or nudist resorts or beaches within a reasonable drive for a day trip. but I would most certainly go to one if it were closer. Also, with living here, there aren't any fellow nudists that I know of.
    • Thank you for this article. Yes, yes and yes ... I am a nudist. Was always wondering why everyone else around me were so different Now to find fellow nudists to hang out with ...
      • If I am not going out, and since I always sleep nude, I remain nude all day. I would do home decorating (painting) nude - simply because drips of paint - and no one can prevent THAT happening) - will be a lot easier removed from the skin than from any clothing. I LOVE getting stripped down when I go to the nudist/C.O. beaches and remain so for as long as I can.
        • I love to get naked around the house constantly. Even walk around the backyard to storage shed for my files and stay out there sometimes to get sun. Also like going to Hippie Hollow a clothing optional beach and I am trying to get to go to a clothing optional party. Just hard to abide as a nudist when you don't have cooperation from the rest of the family. Have to get away and go to a nudist resort for a week by myself to meet other like mindeds.
          • I'm not sure I can answer all of the comments with a yes. Since I was a little kid I was exposed to different kids who wore clothes differently or slept nude, and have experimented skinny dipping-but was not so comfortable yet. Have started sleeping nude occasionally and like the free feeling, and sometimes when home alone go part or full nude. No nude or c/o beaches here, but would go nude if someone asked and think a private c/o event/beach would be o.k. but "away," not "out" with neighbours etc.
            • I realize that I have a preference of being naked since my childhood. I wasn t grown up in a naturist family, but liked to walk naked at home in my own room at the changing room of the sport school. For me nudity became more and more normal, but I did not realize that I was a 'true nudist'. Since some years I prefer being naked more and more and I realized being a real nudist. I joined a naturist club. I want to be open being a nudist to everyone, but I must admit that this is a next challenge.
              • I enjoy being naked as often as I can and even more so if I can be in a social environment with others who enjoy being naked too. I have been sleeping naked most of my life and find every opportunity to remove my clothes when I can. I even started a local naked hiking group in my area.
                • I stay naked for 24 hours at home, and it made me totally comfortable to be without any clothes when I was in a naturist resort in Thailand last year, where I was able to enjoy the beauty of nature and chat with other nudists. And being naked around working staff there who were wearing clothes didn't bother me at all, which proved I am a true nudist. After coming back, I even tried something more exciting that I ran naked on a stree not very populous on an early morning. What do you think, everyone?
                  • Thank you. I know I am
                    • I sleep naked also. But I hang out a home naked as much as possible, which hasn't been very often and usually very briefly these days. I've considered myself a naturist for about 15 years now, but not discounting the curiousity before then. My first social encounter was Haulover Beach in Florida in 2005 just before hurricane Rita hit. Since then I've only been to a few house parties and three nudist resorts. So, though I'm rarely in a socially nude setting, do I still consider myself a nudist or naturist?
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