Mastercard compliance and Media uploads

Mastercard compliance and Media uploads

Fellow users, as of October 15th, Mastercard will enact new regulations that will affect the content sharing policies on the website. This will only applyto uploading media, and webcam broadcasting. All other facets of the site remain unchanged. This is not a change we desired, but MasterCard representsabout 50% of our sales, and we must comply if we want to keep the lights on and the servers chugging away.

The basic overview is that

  • If you would like to upload nude content you must verify that you are of legal age by completing our certification process.
  • You must only upload content of which you are the legal copyright holder or have permission to do so
  • Although we understand the privacy implications of this, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of your personal information, as we always do.

    Due to the nature of this lifestyle, and the implications to some, we began the site with privacy being paramount. Unlike other major social media sites :

  • We do not sell ANY user data users to ANYONE.
  • We allow users to adjust their privacy settings to their degree of anonymity.
  • We do not cater ads, track you or analyze your usage for marketing.

  • This is how we have continued to grow year after year.

    We're working to make this as painless as possible and we appreciate your patience as we work out some kinks. Please don't direct your frustrations atthe already overworked volunteers that work day and night to keep this a safe and nurturing community. Please direct those frustrations at thecredit card companies and your government representatives.

    Thank you again for making this the great community that it is.

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    • I actually agree with this policy. Too many images were posted without either the knowledge, or the consent, of the persons depicted. And anything that makes people think twice (and quite possibly save them from potential criminal charges in some jurisdictions) is a welcome development. My verification documents have been submitted and I am awaiting approval.
      • Having used a valid credit card for payment should be enough proof of legal age. Allowing any site to have a picture of any ID with picture is too risky for identity theft, TN site is not immune to potential hacking. In my case I decided to pay for one year but then realized that even pics that I posted, one with clothing and the other with only my head showing out of water were deleted by whomever is in charge of reviewing media content I therefore asked for a refund one day after paying, waiting for it
        • Message that a member sent to me: "i got a new prepaid mastercard yesterday, no id required ,can be used anywhere ordinary mastercard is used inc here ! so anyone else can do same , theres no need to produce id here at all.!!! we know whos really looking for it ." There are obviously alternatives to go around Mastercard's rules instead of requiring anyone to give personal information..........
          • At first, I didn't think this was that big of a deal. But after reading some of the comments, I get it. Submitting your ID is way too vulnerable. Instead, you should cut ties with Mastercard. Either way, you will still lose some money. But honestly, I can't imagine THAT many people have Mastercard as their one and only credit card. You could set up other forms of payment too. Like Paypal.
            • I'm really disappointed. Thought I found a home here.
              • its your site to do with as you please.. butyou have scaled out a bad idea to the absurd.. to absurd, traffic killing proportions.. MC does required the NON PAYING users of sites with adult content FOR SALE .to submit valid ID. its ridiculous to even suggest that they have. The update to merchant agrrement is to distance themselves for the smut sites, (PornHub mess) They require what any retailer requires.compliance with law.. i miss the chats.but not enough to hand over the keys to my identity...
                • There is an answer to the mess and that answer is to dump Mastercard, use other payment systems that do not require such personal information, and get serious about getting rid of the fakes, frauds, phonies, and scammers instead of allowing moderators to act stupid by banning legitimate members who dare make intelligent posts and comments. Wake up TN!
                  • Real people with real IDs will still be able to send out spam after verification. And, as far as I know, teenagers still have a cottage industry making phony IDs to buy alcohol. MasterCard is essentially asking TN folks to upload an identity theft kit, complete with a nude photo. No thanks.
                    • I'm not comfortable uploading my personal ID. This is not an attitude specifically towards TN but in general. I try to protect that data to prevent identity fraud. I guess this will be a slow death for TN.
                      • Went to post media - came up green that we had already been age verified - - everyone needs to checkout that section before rushing to get out of here... this may be the best thing to get phony profiles out of here... and return to all being TRUE NUDIST.... think a better explanation may be helpful to ALL concerned .... as for us - happy if it will help weed out phony profiles....
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