We did it! 500,000 users! Now on to 1 million!

We did it! 500,000 users! Now on to 1 million!

Truenudists.com achievement - 500,000 user signups!

Truenudists.com has officially surpassed over 500,000 users globally. This milestone is especially heart warming as it also marks the 15th birth date of Truenudists.com.

Big thanks to a user from Houston, TX for being our 500,000 user!

Congratulations fellow TN users! These 15 years have created the most amazing global network of loyal users. teamtrue1 had a dream of creating a nude friendly environment where you could meet fellow nudists easily. He has surpassed his dream and this is all because of our users. Each user contributes to nudism and naturism in your own way and in turn make the site engaging and fun. We truly appreciate it.

Also, TT1 strives to keep the site fresh and a new update will be coming out soon with more user functionality and features.

Stay tuned and cheers to truenudists.com!

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  • Is half a million users something to celebrate when the majority are users who never log in again? I do not think so, and I'm pretty sure others do not think so either. 67,200 have been logged in within a year. 14,905 are users who have been verified, and here we are closer to the real number. I have flaged a number of profiles that have created the profile within a few days, profiles like Khar a purpose, to get users to access their porn site. Why is TrueNudist not doing something to stop it? The answe
    • That number is so inaccurate. How many of those have logged in within the past two years?
      • The 'active user account' is nothing but a big lie because 90 plus percent of 'active users' are scammers who come and then go just as fast. The chat room has degraded to nothing short of a group of thugs who protect the 'clique' members and ban anyone and everyone else for no reason. The forum has virtually died as there are few posts anymore (surprise). There really is little left here for the few real nudists who remain (for now).
        • Virtually all the accounts are fake, as others have pointed out. This site is nothing more than a shill front-end to advertise their own porn sites, and get fools to part with their money to look at the false titted women who are *always* at the top of the search results, and are just low-paid porn models to get gullable old men to part with their money. The reason site admins are so slow to respond to any problems, ideas, suggestions etc. is precisely because this *isn't* a real website in that sense.
          • Howdy it's nice to meet you on here, tell me how long have you been on the site and whats you been seeking for Am new on here single and searching for someone serious and ready for a relationship if you think you're up for that you can add me up for a better chat on WhatsApp with +447451278649 its easier and faster for chat on there I don't really use this much... by the way but like people calling me ruth
            • 500,000 "accounts" yes. (and actually, as of today, it's 427,622, so not even there yet). But the reality is only ~67,000 have logged on in the last year, and that number will include the one-time account creation to never be seen again. The actual active user count is probably in the 30,000-40,000 range, which is still impressive. There is no reason to grossly inflate the real number. It's time to whack those (non-paid) accounts that haven't been here for years.
              • But why your support team are so slow in responding? I have problems with my purchase and still got no response.
                • Given the responses here, a few actually know what is really going on. The rest act as if they do not even know what planet they live on let alone what is the truth. Used car salespeople - where are you? There are plenty of complete fools here and some might even know the story about how the fool and his money are easily parted.
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