Do you have a nude Valentine?

Do you have a nude Valentine?

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and it got me thinking about all of our fellow nude users who come from all walks of life. We have many whose partners share their nude way of living and if you care to share your experiences we’d like to hear from you.

A few years ago we ran a contest to see if any of our user’s had specifically met on and had found a love connection. It was exciting finding a few couples and one lucky couple was given a complimentary weekend package to a nearby nudist resort.

You may have a spouse who isn’t ready to take the au naturel leap and that’s ok. There are so many ways to tiptoe into this world of nudism. During the pandemic many people worked from home and soon realized they enjoyed working nude. How could you not? Walking around your own home naked is extremely comfortable. I read in our “Has the pandemic changed your nude ways” blog that a user and his wife started out in exactly this manner and it prompted them to get more adventurous and try a Clothing Optional resort. It seems as though they haven’t looked back and cheers to them!

Starting at home is a great start and one might be curious as to venture outside. There are so many options to choose from. What type of experience do you want? You have options such as the outdoors, a beach, a resort, an Airbnb and even a Toptional pool. If your spouse isn’t quite ready to take the full nude plunge a “Toptional pool” might be the best way to go. Vegas is a great location as they have a good selection of Toptional pools. Being in a large social setting might be stressful for your spouse so be sure to research what kind of environment you want your first time to portray.

Is your spouse looking for a more zen-like intimate experience? A hike trail might be a fantastic choice where you undress in solitude, and enjoy a nice picnic together as the sun rays hit your back. What about a beach adventure? Would your spouse more so enjoy a nude beach where they can feel the sand between their toes and hear the ocean waves crashing against the rocks. Where are our social butterflies? If your spouse is more of a social butterfly, a Clothing Optional resort is the best way to go. Many Clothing Optional resorts offer a full calendar with fun weekend activities such as Water Volleyball, a lively pool scene and a nightly dance. It’s a great way to meet many like minded souls in a large setting.

I hope that you and your spouse get to enjoy your nude journey as it is a beautiful thing to explore together.

Feel free to share how you and your love appreciate spending nakey time together. Tags : Nudist Valentines Day

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  • Im married to a women who isnt confident enough to participate in nudist activities (although she did get naked with me once on a remote beach). However, I have met quite a few people through this site that I care about and consider friends. So while not a romantic connection, the site has provided a way to make friends with other nudists.
    • No, looking for a nudist girlfriend.
      • My girlfriend moved out 3 years ago and am still looking.
        • I've been single for the last 11 years now, so no. Though I am looking for a girlfriend who is open to being a nudist.
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            • Single guy here so nope, in truth I am not really looking..
              • Valentine's Day is a traumatic day for me. My ex's birthday is Valentine's Day. Not the best day for me to remember in a positive light. Others have forced the day down my throat and I am just over it for now. I would love to treat the day as it is designed but not at the moment.
                • Single so nothing for me.
                  • No valentines yet but thanks to true nudists, despite zero interaction with them, I have received lots of interest from many day old accounts all linked to external websites, offering me sex ,orgies and all sorts!. Interest from both Men and women. I am spoiled for choice. One thing they have in common, they all extract pictures of pornographic actors as their profile pictures. Sometimes 7 or more of these accounts contact me each week. TO THE POINT WHERE LOGGING INTO TN IS LESS ENJOYABLE. Make it stop!!
                    • A nude Valentine and going for a nude hike in a quiet, scenic, more intimate setting, sounds like a fun way to experience nudism.
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