Nudists in the White House

Nudists in the White House

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  • malania hands down or up
    • Bill for sure. He was a horn dog.
      • Bill was always my favorite. Wouldn't it be great if he made a statement about positive nudism?
        • Melania I hope. Bill only dropped his drawers to have sex with women other than his wife. Melania would do so in comfort and with grace.
          • Bill just seems like he would enjoy it more.
            • I would say melania
              • Melanie is a beautiful woman inside and out. I really enjoy watching how she handles herself with big time class when with the president! She just moves and smooth and unimposing. She lets Trump, and rightfully so, take center stage. She does not open her mouth like Michelle O spilling words of dislike for America. Yes, Bill is a normal male pervert like most men but he did not, and I suppose does not, draw a line that he will not cross. I enjoy being nude but this,does NOT mean I move on any lady now!
                • Melania HAS posed nude for photographs, and has publicly stated that she is comfortable in her own skin. Bill Clinton is proven to be an adulterer, and he would only be nude while committing a sexual act. Stop playing politics, and admit that Melania is the clear winner of this poll.
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