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Nudists in the White House

Nudists in the White House

Tags : Nudists, Election, 2016, Trump, Clinton

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  • I would say Bill mainly because of how he was impeached. If he was fine with women other than his wife seeing him nude, then I'm sure he would have practiced nudism freely in the White House.
    • Bill would but it would be chasing interns around!
      • Hopefully, Melania. Bill will never be there again and can not help further the nudist agenda of making nudism legal. Melania will be there for at least 4 years and can hopfully help further our agenda.
        • I think Bill is the true nudist. Melania only does it for the money.
          • Bill, hundreds of new young interns.
            • Who cares? Maybe Melania will have Donald open up some National Parks to us :)
              • Melania would probably be the nudie
                • well since Melania isn't going to be in the White House Bill wins
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