Nudists in the White House

Nudists in the White House

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  • I agree with Sinbad17 Billy would love to run around the oval office naked. If melania did it white house security would go all to hell, lol
    • I think Bill would be more likely to be nude in the White House. However, Melania would actually make the White House look good if she walked around naked!
      • Slick Willie would set a very poor example if he was even admitted to an AANR resort .. If he did drag Hag Hilary along that would be even worse. So Melania is a clearly the more Acceptable choice!
        • I 'd rather hang out and talk with Melania
          • malania hands down or up
            • Bill for sure. He was a horn dog.
              • Bill was always my favorite. Wouldn't it be great if he made a statement about positive nudism?
                • Melania I hope. Bill only dropped his drawers to have sex with women other than his wife. Melania would do so in comfort and with grace.
                  • Bill just seems like he would enjoy it more.
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