Pixelated Nudist Breasts too obscene for Facebook?

Pixelated Nudist Breasts too obscene for Facebook?

Well it seems Facebook shares the same viewpoint as Youtube.When I tried to boost our post on Facebook, it was denied.Maybe I'm reading this wrong and these websites agree that pixelated breasts are offensive, and that breasts should never be pixelated.

Facebook Censorship
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  • I understand why TN wants to use social media and other sites to reach out to nudists and others interested in this way of life. However, there are sectors of the media, fashion, clothing and other industries which have agendas where nudity doesn't fit. Simply being a nudist is something parts of the media likes to ridicule and sensationalise, when nudists are just being entirely natural. Just as we can be publicly naked in cities for events like WNBRs and then risk arrest if we're nude in the same places o
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