The Nudist Experience

The Nudist Experience

The nudist experience

We have such a broad worldwide user base that we feel that it would be interesting to get unique personal nudist experiences and perspectives from actual fellow nudists.

A while back we asked if people were interested in blogging. Many responded with enthusiasm. As more and more pieces come in we will share all types of practice. From lounging at a nude beach to going to a nude resort with one's spouse for the first time. There is no theme or rule book to follow. These are true takes on what users have dealt with and what they have overcome and also a true heartwarming look into why they practice this thing called "nudism". It is truly different for everyone.

Please understand that these are actual users not professional writers and each just wants to share their view.


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  • Am nude at home and love skinny dipping at my house and my nudist resort 5 miles away in Hudson, Florida. Looking for a female to join me.
    • New here hopefully get more experience with someone I love tether and doctors I wish be naked with him!
      • hi , I'm single and open minded new to nudism but do not wear clothes at home. i live alone. i ma very social and hope to get friends who i know here. I have played outdoors naked on trips but it was all guys. I am single and have been straight always now i am just going to be open and discover my preferences. I have not been in a relationship for a few years. I am in this to feel free love being naked.
        • I have been a practicing naturist since my early 20s. I remember hearing about nude beaches in my late teens, and was curious about them. I visited the famous CO beach Sandy Hook (NJ) in my early 20s, and been hooked ever since. I will post more later. TY.
          • I have loved being a nudist. Since becoming a nudist I have found that I have more self confidence, awareness of my body, and alot of pride in my body. I grew up being taught nudity was a sin, but I know now after all my years it is not. I love being one with nature and enjoying nature as God intended us to enjoy it.
            • When I was in my early teens and discovered there is a nudist lifestyle, I labeled myself as a nudist. I had been fortunate to experience various situations where I was able to go nude in public and privately which formed my nudist lifestyle. I was the child that it was hard to keep clothes on and always the last to get dressed after skinny dipping with friends. I thought I was weird because I loved being naked until I discovered others like me and embraced the nudist lifestyle.
              • Ive been fascinated by nudism my whole life and have gone nude the few times I was able. Earlier this year I visited a nude resort in FL for a few days and for the first time felt that I was a true nudist. Lifes experiences dont always live up to expectations but this one exceeded them. Walking the extensive grounds in the nude was an incredible experience. One evening I went to the crowded bar to get a drink. In was only when I was at the bar when I realized I was the only one who was nude.
                • Wow we have always wanted to go nude. We started at the hot springs. I dropped my shorts so fast you thought the Flash had de-pantsed The wife well she was mad at me for not waiting. Ha ha. That has to be 30yrs a go now. Nude camping groups, resorts, parties, hot tubs, and just around the house. Oh getting caught by people coming over also. Being body positive is the improvement that has happened to us. We are not 20 anymore but love the time we have left. Even looking at other people.
                  • I feel comfortable and more self confident when naked and been exposed since young age (6- 7 yrs old) in that age, i can't think and to feel shame when naked in the house, outdoor and anywhere..
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