The Nudist Experience

The Nudist Experience

The nudist experience

We have such a broad worldwide user base that we feel that it would be interesting to get unique personal nudist experiences and perspectives from actual fellow nudists.

A while back we asked if people were interested in blogging. Many responded with enthusiasm. As more and more pieces come in we will share all types of practice. From lounging at a nude beach to going to a nude resort with one's spouse for the first time. There is no theme or rule book to follow. These are true takes on what users have dealt with and what they have overcome and also a true heartwarming look into why they practice this thing called "nudism". It is truly different for everyone.

Please understand that these are actual users not professional writers and each just wants to share their view.


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  • I feel comfortable and more self confident when naked and been exposed since young age (6- 7 yrs old) in that age, i can't think and to feel shame when naked in the house, outdoor and anywhere..
    • How can i looking for nudist group at my loacation - Seattle, WA?
      • How do you become a certified nudist.?? Help
        • I would like to see an inspirational "blog" about nudism where all nudists can add their deeper thoughts, inspirations, and beauty of the nude form and being nude Examples are......... Nudity is when people take off their protective layer, when no one is watching When we respect the nude, we will no longer have any shame about it You'll never catch a nudist with his pants down. I do not want to live with a soul without a body. Nudity is the reflection of innocence
          • Our first time. We have been trying to try being nude in public for more than 30 years, back when our bodies young and tone but the hot springs resort we went to only allowed nudity after dark and by the time we arrived it was at capacity and we could not get in. Fast forward 30 years and the kids are grown and gone and so are our young and tone bodies. We have decided to try and go to as many hot springs as we can. We had reservation at a resort in the mountains and scheduled massages in the evening. My
            • I was a traditional "naturist" for about 25 years attending a naturist club in Hertfordshire at weekends in the Spring and Summer, naturist dances and parties and going on naturist holidays in France and Corsica. Then I moved to rural Devon in the south west of England, where even now naturism isn't well catered for. So I became a "nudist" at home, a 12 acre smallholding in near total seclusion. I rarely wear anything at all, walk the dogs, tend to our animals, cut the grass all in the nude. Bliss!
              • Lately my only nudist experiences have been nude cruises with Bare Necessities Cruises Just signed up for the 2/18 cruise No nude resorts very near New York City
                • I was more comfortable to sleep and shower in the nude. But naked in the open can not be practiced in my country. So i limited space for naked in private area only. Nude is a branch of art. Being nude is much closer to us in peace and nature.
                  • We have a farm on the Fish River in Alabama and have been skinnydipping there for years. I am considering how to make the place available for other like minded folk, but don't want to spoil the pristine environment with too many people. Any ideas on how to go about inviting a few visitors at a time?
                    • Hi everyone I have been a nudist for 6 years now and I really my first time at a naturist resort and I have not look back and I have been on a nude cruise twice and gone nude bowling and two a couple place's where I could be my self and just enjoy the freedom to be me and I find the people are so easy going and make you feel welcome and it is nice to be one with nature and be around like minded people who don't judge you the way you look so thanks for letting me share my story of life
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