Understanding Nudism with Katrina Rainsong

Understanding Nudism with Katrina Rainsong

Katrina Rainsong explains to True Nudists why she enjoys being nude. Kat is a nude yoga instructor in Phoenix and she explains her first experience as a nudist and what role it plays in her daily life.

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  • Very confident in her own skin, loved the interview. Ive been practicing yoga naked for years theres so much more freedom.
    • Good to see you. Nude yoga is quite good :)
      • I agree totally with Katrina. There is no reason to have to cover up what is completely natural. The really good thing about being a nudist is you accept your own body, you know it intimately and also you respect others and understand that there are all different sizes and shapes on the same basic plan.
        • Love the photos
          • very cool. be a nudist is the only way to live I love it
            • Interesting talk, Katrina, and some lovely photos! I am glad you address the all too prevalent sense of shame and embarrassment of some women about being nude. When I was young I wanted to be nude and be seen nude, but I was really scared that people might be put off by a nude body. Pamela
              • very cool explains freedom and wellness..
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                Katrina Rainsong

                Sex Geek, Performance Artist, Nude Yogini, Activist, Professional Muse
                I was raised in the lush, rain-soaked forests of Oregon until I felt the call of the desert in 2003 and transplanted to Arizona. I've walked a wildly varied path, a journey that has taken me from exploring a life in Adult Entertainment to working as a Birth Doula and Women's Health Emissary.View my profile

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