Website Updates and Upgrades

Website Updates and Upgrades

The next few months are going to bring in a ton of new updates, changes and fixes. We plan on investing quite a bit into upgrading our horribly working video system, and making photos/videos easier and better for users. Here's a brief list of SOME of the changes.

  • - Overhaul Videos for profiles, gallery
  • - Picture Editing (Rotating, Cropping)
  • - Fix the horribly broken event system
  • - Updates to speed up the site
  • - Reducing the # of emails the site sends, grouping multiple emails into 1
  • - Make the site more mobile friendly
  • We're open to suggestions, and I've set up an anonymous suggestion box. Suggestion Box

    *Required lawyer style disclaimer : Suggestions should be given in good-will and no compensation should be expected. We are grateful for your assistance, but we can not afford to pay for any suggestions that we may or may not use on the site.

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    • Would love for the delete on the messages screen to actually work. Any plans on resolving that issue?
      • I find the chatroom on TN & TS is still down. Can you post a status? Last I see is on 5/4. Thank you.
        • Numerous malicious practices are perpetrated on your website. It is a real hotbed for scammers of all kinds. I myself have been scammed by someone posing as a young woman with stolen photos (afterwards the lady turned out to be a porn actress). My friend's photos are also going around smoothly on your site. I just had a chat with someone posing as a young lady and using my girlfriend's photos to commit a crime. Theft is a crime, so is invasion of privacy. My entire chat session, including photos, will be ha
          • I can no longer open my cam on this site. I have contacted the web masters but have not had a follow up!
            • Still unable to delete messages in the home page, others are experiencing the same problem to. I have reported it twice.
              • I'm having trouble opening pictures, all of them including my own. Can anybody help ? Already been a week
                • Why have I not been able to view thumbnails? It's been as problem for weeks.
                  • This site is awful if the technology issues are resolved soon, I am out of here. No easy way to contact support, no replies from support so you never know if your issue was even read. Pathetic.
                    • I am having the same problem. Why can't we delete emails?
                      • Is there something wrong with the messages? They all are showing up even after being deleted?
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