Website Updates and Upgrades

Website Updates and Upgrades

The next few months are going to bring in a ton of new updates, changes and fixes. We plan on investing quite a bit into upgrading our horribly working video system, and making photos/videos easier and better for users. Here's a brief list of SOME of the changes.

  • - Overhaul Videos for profiles, gallery
  • - Picture Editing (Rotating, Cropping)
  • - Fix the horribly broken event system
  • - Updates to speed up the site
  • - Reducing the # of emails the site sends, grouping multiple emails into 1
  • - Make the site more mobile friendly
  • We're open to suggestions, and I've set up an anonymous suggestion box. Suggestion Box

    *Required lawyer style disclaimer : Suggestions should be given in good-will and no compensation should be expected. We are grateful for your assistance, but we can not afford to pay for any suggestions that we may or may not use on the site.

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    • Has any one had problems with missing icons on this site. like the . X out, The colored (pink and bluer) men and women where it shows who is on line? It is just on my laptop. I pad works ok.
      • Site Lags a lot. Turn site into mobile app as well.
        • I have tried relentlessly to get certified, I tried last week and initially approved, then later denied. I have now taken more photos and getting a server error. I am paying to be on this site and can't even find an email address to contact anyone.
          • Your site says that for Certification "it may take up to 48 hours for an administrator to approve your certification status." REALLY???? Today is Friday Aug 31 - 78 hours since I submitted my photos. - ( SubmittedStatusReason August 27, 2018 6:26 pmPending) Obviously SOMEONE is NOT doing their job. I have heard ZILCH from them.
            • how long do you plain on doing up date as i went to go on chat and it is say its doing updates i am not happy about this
              • Can you include a help section that shows how to do things on the site?
                • What's happened to create a new group? Keep getting bad link or page moved?????
                  • Does anyone know how to contact the people who run this site?!?
                    • Can not find a place to contact TN. Where is that button? I can not connect with chat...what is the problem?
                      • Can't connect to chat. Seems a lot of others having the same problem. Does anyone ever read and answer these?
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