What kind of nudist are you?

What kind of nudist are you?

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  • If it wasn't for certain laws and mothers nature where i live i would always be naked
    • Nude swimming has been the gateway for me since its possible to swim nude in places where people, assuming the shorelines far enough away, cant tell youre naked, but Id love to expand on that. Lately Ive found I can kayak to certain locations off the coast where its also safe to go nude which is great. Nude hiking is a dream but I have to say I dont know how people do it. Most of the trails I hike on are pretty peopled - meaning peopled by clothed folks - so I think Id be a bit paranoid.
      • I cant imagine living somewhere where my wife and I couldnt find a place to be nude outside our home. We were surprised to find so many nude options in and around Maryland. We can enjoy being nude at home often enough, but theres just something about being socially nude. We enjoy White Tail in VA and Avalon in WV most often.
        • Just love being naked as much as possible. In the yard gardening, cutting lawn, walking around our rural property, in the swimming pool and especially at the Caribbean beaches where its tolerated. Clothed when needed and we are nude almost all other times. Just hate the feeling of clothes on the body and love the feel of warm sun on the bodies. Just too bad there's no nudist clubs or gathering spots for like minded nudists here in Northwestern Ontario. Just despise the long cold winters and bound to home nu
          • I get naked wherever and whenever I can. Not ashamed to be nude in public, in fact, I love it! Have posed many times for life drawing classes. Love nude parties
            • Im new to this. Im more of a naturist because I love being naked outdoors. Beaches rivers camping.
              • I have always been naked in my house in my backyard or laying by my pool and swimming. I also found myself hiking and wondering off the trail to some exotic area to get undressed and to just explore on my owe In the nude. I enjoy doing it as often as I can as I enjoy my freedom in my clothing optional decisions. Looking to go to resorts in other areas to meet some people who are in this lifestyle to explore with.
                • I have always loved being naked. When I lived in Hawaii there is a large nudist community (Great people). Now that I live in the Sun Belt. Thereis a very different mind set. Any of you Naked People in Eastern NC out there?
                  • until now only closed room or home alone or hotel room nudist ... Sadly hardly any nudist ( at least not known to me ) activities in Mumbai Or nearby... looking forward for groups meetings where i can explore this side of mine with like minded people
                    • I'm sitting here with no clothes on and I only wear clothes 3-4 hours a week. I have no idea 'what kind of nudist' I am. I'm just freakin' nude or naked all the time. LOL
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