What kind of nudist are you?

What kind of nudist are you?

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  • I am fairly new to being a nudist. Mostly on beaches for the last few years. In the last year I have spend most of my time naked at home and also had my first visit to a nudist resort which was great. I would have say I am more of a fair weather nudist. I hate being cold!
    • I would call myself a private nudist, I sleep nude and have for 40 years, I stay nude most of the time at home and can be nude in my backyard doing yardwork and tanning. I am not comfortable being nude around others, just to self-conscious of my body.
      • Ive enjoyed better no nude sence I was around 12 I think Im 54 now I own 64 acres of land back off the road and I enjoy nude walks around my place and Im always nude at home I just cant be nude enough I love it my wife does not she fusses about me all the time but I have to do it anyway there are no nudist camp close to me but I have a few friends I visit and hangout nude with them
        • My first adult nudist experience was Robert Moses, Lighthouse beach on Long Island NY. I was desperate to try outdoor nudity! I was panicked thinking Id get an erection, while in a few instances that beautiful day I did puff up a bit when talking w people, it faded as the conversation warmed and mutual nudity was no big deal. I have been to resorts and other beaches since and have managed my landscaping so I can be nude in my yard. I have also done some nude hiking in woods.
          • For me it started with swimming. One night at my apartment complex, I had finished laps and decided I wanted to take my Speedos off. Anyone could have walked in, so there was definitely risk. The management would have been very unpleasant, but I was resolute. There was a lot of moonlight and the temperature was perfect. It felt incredible. I returned many times and definitely came very close to being caught on a couple of occasions. I was just hellbent on doing it. Ive done nude hiking and resorts.
            • In my life nudism started at a very early age, like about six or seven years old. When I was at the infancy school I used to get up in class and go to the toilet cubicals and lock myself in. I then removed all my clothes and sometimes I'd open the door and peak out and then close it and redress before going into the classroom again. I've absolutely no idea why or what made me do such things back then. Later about eight years old I got an energy rush through my mind sort of pushing me to be nude.
              • Ive been an on and off again home nudist. When I was younger and before children I spent most of my home time nude. After kids with in laws visiting unannounced, a lot, I gave up trying. Kids are grown and gone along with my first wife, back to no clothes, just wish I could convince my now wife to give it a try. Maybe someday, l keep pushing a little every now and again. She now says she doesnt have a issue with me being nude, which is a change from a month ago.
                • I have been a nudist since I had to swim Nude for swimming lessons at the local YMCA at age five. I love being nude as much as possible. I have always slept naked, I have frequented nudist camps, been on the Big Nude Boat cruises, and get nude around the house. I am now 75 years okd and remain a diehard nudist! No other way to live. Big Nude hugs Hickguy
                  • I have been sleeping nude for years. I do CrossFit and run around the neighborhood and the lake shirtless. Now that I work from home I spend most of my day nude. Ive ventured out to my semi private back yard naked a few times but mosquitoes and a cool wind will end that faster than neighbors. I went to two California nude beaches when on business trips - San Diego and San Francisco. I may try a naked 5K at a nearby resort in the near future.
                    • I'm nude inside as much as I can. Have been since being a teenager. Always looking for a nice place to be naked outside here in Central Texas. Hippie Hollow is awesome, but haven't been in a while. Use to live in Big Bend NP and figured out places to be nude out there, but don't tell the Rangers. Although I think they know about the Hot Springs late in the evening.
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