What kind of nudist are you?

What kind of nudist are you?

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  • I'm sitting here with no clothes on and I only wear clothes 3-4 hours a week. I have no idea 'what kind of nudist' I am. I'm just freakin' nude or naked all the time. LOL
    • Hello all . I live in Broken Hill Australia . I am sad to say no nudist activity here . I moved from the Central Coast where I could go to nudist beaches and friends places any time I wanted to . Now just naked around the house. No beaches and really no forests or lakes even to be alone and naked. I miss the friendships I made with other nudists and it felt like being home , now I sit in front of a screen ! Thanks to this site at least I have been able to chat to many people here I still miss freedom.
      • Only occasional, unfortunately, when away from the house. And no nude-friendly places nearby Fresno-Clovis. Though our backyard and swim-spa is quite secluded and private, so we are out there virtually every day enjoying the joy of being nude. That's some consolation, but I've always thought that naturism/nudism was a social activity, made more pleasant and enjoyable with others who agree. Cheers.
        • Although I frequently am naked most days around the house and often in the garden, I do enjoy being naked when on the beach or at our club with like minded people. You can spend all day on a textile beach and never talk to a soul. Whereas, nudist folk are always more forward and friendly.
          • I am usually a home nudist, I sleep naked and spend as much time naked as practical. I do visit with friends when they are open to hanging out, and I enjoy being nude with them, even if I am the only naked person. I have gone to nudist events and resorts, have bowled nude, hiked naked, swam nude and have driven naked to places and only dressed to get gas and food, though on one trip, a friend would gas up my van while I remained naked! I am a practical nudist and go nude when practical.
            • What would life be without the freedom from the constraints of the puritanical profiteering textile world! All clothing was originally mean to be was to keep oneself warm in the winter and should be shed from the body to enjoy the warmth of the vitamin D from our Sol.
              • My thoughts on clothing, it was meant to protect you from the elements. So, if it is raining while you are naked outside you are waterproof. Even though it was originally meant to keep people warm, now clothing is promoted by the puritanical textile industry to make money from people who have to have the latest styles, and they cannot make money from people who prefer to be naked! Boycott overpriced clothing manufacturers, if you must wear clothing, go to thrift stores and buy something that is used and st
                • I love being comfortable. I am most comfortable nude in private, but I am also an exhibitionist when those around me are comfortable with it. I do, from time to time, enjoy being nude outdoors, but I also have no interest in becoming a sex offender.
                  • I will classify myself as a nudist from day one. WE lived on a farm so whenever I was left alone I would run all around nude and enjoying the sun. I slept in thenude at a very young age. We lived close by a creek so swimming nude was never an issue and my mom new about it as well.
                    • it is a good question. for me -- I love the free feeling and have been naked at every opportunity since I was 16. Sex outdoors came much later. But that is just an accidental byproduct of enjoying the outdoors. So I guess I am a bit of an exhibitionist as well. Have a great naked day
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