What kind of nudist are you?

What kind of nudist are you?

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  • I am a 24 hour a day nudist and I like being naked as much as possible preferably outdoors. I am a tan fanatic and the browner the better. I visit a nudist resort every weekend to mix socially with other nudist minded persons and feel liberated the moment I discard my clothes. South Africa has lots of sun so being naked is a natural thing for me. Most of my friends are nudist as well so we have a common interest.
    • I'm an indoor nudist during the warm months. I'm a shade seeker outdoors as I'm whiter than a catfish belly. Rooster Rock in Oregon is the only real nude beach nearby, so I go there. I also waterskied naked back in the 70's. That was the best!
      • I am a summer nudist. I use to spend one big week each year in a nice nudist resort on the french Atlantic coast called La Jenny.
        • I perfer living without any clothes on. Naked at home most of the time. I also do naked camping in the warm summer months here in Wisconsin. Usually go to Valley View in Cambridge, WI. which is the only place to go in southern Wisconsin. I am not a swinger or an exhibitionist. To me being naked without clothes has nothing to do with the essential body parts. I am not into naked pictures either.
          • A resort nudist. Carolina Foothills Resort is my own slice of heaven and only an hour down the road.
            • Home, have slept naked for the past +20 years have recently started back yard naked sunbathing, hoping to venture into the world of naturism as soon as the camps reopen.
              • Slave nudist
                • Home, social, recreational nudists. 2+ yrs.
                  • Home and Vacation Nudist
                    • I am a home nudist because nearest nude resort is 4 1/2 hours away and they are not Single Friendly. I have been a Nudist probably 35 yrs or so love too be nude with others but they are hard to find
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