What kind of nudist are you?

What kind of nudist are you?

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  • I do like being nude especially outside. I travel alone with no problem, because I have no partner, I always have a good time meeting new people and swapping stories and experiences.
    • Jak jestem nago, czuj si wietnie. Plaa, las, dom jak tylko mog, to jestem nago. owi ryby te si da na golasa. Pozdrawiam wszystkich mylcych tak samo.
      • Business owner. Started my own business so I can work nude from home
        • Fun and friendly married nudist cple We have a B&B on beach of Lake Huron Ont Very unique can only have a single or cple as it has one bedroom send us a note if interested
          • I'm a nudist, I love been bare and even sleep naked. I love that feeling of relief you get
            • I like being nude. I do nude yoga, have done nude swimming and nude bathing in the open. I like to look at nude men and women.
              • I suspect there is no one size fits all. I love being bare, which should be no shock on this site. I love being seen bare and sharing time with bare people. Yes I look at peoples genitals, but no more than the rest of them, I expect the same from other nudists. It is after all, just part of me. I sleep naked, hike naked, swim naked and work around the house and garden naked. I have one provision, that I am not offending anyone, if so I will cover up. I prefer not to.
                • I don't consider myself a nudist. I am a naturist. I love going for long nude walks in nature, bike naked and even drive cars naked. I also love going to nude beaches and work naked in the garden. At home I'm always naked and as often as I can also when not at home.
                  • I am new to the nudist community despite having always been nude whenever wherever I can be. My previous long-term relationship partner didn't embrace the lifestyle and consequently I have never been involved with the broader nudism community. I have joined up with a local club and have enjoyed it immensely. I am equally comfortable with nudity with all people of whatever gender or sexual orientation they have. I take people as they come and am accepting of differences. I would say that I am full nudist l
                    • i am a long time nudist since swimming nude at age 5 at the local YMCA. I love to get nude with other nudists, when I sleep, going on the Big Nude Boat cruises, going to local nudist get togethers, hiking in the national forest in the nude which is legal, and swimming nude. I love having my penis and testicles free in the open air. Hickguy M.D.
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