Wonderhussy does the Portland World Naked Bike Ride

Wonderhussy does the Portland World Naked Bike Ride

One of the largest WNBR in the world, 1000s of people strip nude to protest in the world naked bike ride. Join our favorite youtuber Wonderhussy as she visits a nude beach in Oregon, and then takes part in the world naked bike ride in portland - 2019
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  • That would be fun!! However the cold weather is giving me a 2nd thought for the next ride??
    • I would love to ride too!
      • I'd live to go on a nude bike ride but now my bike is a wreck and I doubt I have the strength to take a ride. Getting old is no fun at all
        • I never did the bike ride when I lived there, I did always goto Collins beach a great place to get naked in public so cool there I miss it..
          • Very nice love you videos
            • hello everyone
              • I met her at the LA one
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