Wonderhussy does the Portland World Naked Bike Ride

Wonderhussy does the Portland World Naked Bike Ride

One of the largest WNBR in the world, 1000s of people strip nude to protest in the world naked bike ride. Join our favorite youtuber Wonderhussy as she visits a nude beach in Oregon, and then takes part in the world naked bike ride in portland - 2019
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  • This is real freedom people!
    • Is this an annual event? Did you find out why it is held at night?
      • A praia de Abric no Rio de janeiro que est localizada dentro do Parque Municipal de Grumari, numa rea de proteo ambiental, na Zona Oeste da cidade, na Barra da Tijuca, muito perto da minha casa ! Por ser muio tranquila foi escolhida para a pratica do naturismo. Desde 2003, tornou-se legalmente uma praia naturista, e a partir de ento, passou a ser cuidada pelos Naturistas de Abric. Seja feliz ! Viva a vida ! Celebre seu corpo como um presente divino e maravilho !
        • Ol, o dia que visitar o Rio, Brazil... Me avise, estamos querendo popularizar de forma consciente o naturista como forma de terapia e elevao do corpo e da alma .
          • Hi cute I am your subscriber at your Channel at YouTube and always notified when you post vdeos
            • I have been watching you since last year and I really like to get to know you. I have been a nudists now for a year and I like it very much but I need to know more about where nudists go for fun. I see you travel a lot so your advice would be helpful.
              • been watching your channel for a couple of years, like it a lot I R AKA JustusGrnts
                • So does this ride ever "thin out" so you can ride instead of walk? Is it best to wait for the crowd of riders thins out?
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