Young Nudists

A Place for younger nudists to express their thoughts on nudism

Looking to make a nudist friend

Hello, Ive just recently got into nudism. Im 27 years old and a man, Id like to make a female or male friend that would skinny dip with me. Ive been skinny dipping in creeks my whole life

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New Young Nudist!

Hello everyone im new to being nudist... and really hoping I can make some friends and have good time here. I am pretty open minded and friendly so you can just come around and message me to talk!

record time for not wearing clothes

The longest I have gone without wearing clothes is sadly only a weekend ): What about you?

General Nudity at Schools or Drs

In the UK its extremely rare for people to shower after gym/Pe class anymore so nudity never occurs.. Is this the same in other countries?

Other young nudists that want to talk?

Hey! I'm 21, so way younger than most of the people on the site haha. I was wondering if any other younger people would want to chat? I'm new to the community so I don't know a lot. Especially anyone around South Carolina, I'd love...

young nudists UK

im new to this and i was wondering if any guys would like to be friends. so we can figure out what were doing and be more comfortable with the whole idea. id also be more comfy going with someone my age (19) to events and things with someone whos...

True Nudism! New generation? Or extinction?

I am thinking beyond the forum topic "Very illegal group" and how it affects us all in the long run. Guys like Alexstarz1 will destroy nudism within one generation. The sad truth is that nudist numbers are falling drastically by the year....

Young and curious

Hello. Im a 22 y/o from Saint Paul MN. I am fairly new to this and am looking for a sort of mentor? Or simply a friend. Not too specific about the age. I have some questions and some curiosities. I love the male body and male bonding. Please feel...

Hi there

Hello, I am quite New here and was wondering if there were other people around my age (20)?



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