Young Nudists

A Place for younger nudists to express their thoughts on nudism

4th of July Weekend at Cherokee Lodge in...

A super 4th of July celebration will take place this weekend at Cherokee Lodge. The club is very welcoming of newcomers, so check it out! Saturday, July 3: DANNY'S FAMOUS BBQ Sunday, July 4: OLD-FASHIONED COMMUNITY BONFIRE Cherokee Lodge & Resort...

Nudists near Chattanooga

Me and my girlfriend are planning a trip to Rock Haven Lodge to stay for a weekend. We are trying to find nudists in our age range (20-25) who are in the greaterChattanooga area. We are not against older nudists, we just feel like there has to be...

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New To Nudism

Hello everyone i was just wondering what is the average cost of nudist social activities like camps, clubs, beachs,etc. Thanks for your input.

Just a story that made me happy. :)

I just recently have gotten into a relationship with an awesome woman. We have been going out for four months and I told her about two months in that I was a closet nudist. She said she was too. I can't tell you how happy that made me feel. She...

Byron Bay Trip! Gold coast Australia

Anyone else out there from this area? I have a feeling im the only one. Anyway, if there is anyone else out there, interested in company at the beach? Im sick of going alone and would like a friend to share the experience with. Offer is open, just...

Money, time or places to meet?

FYI: The Graying of the Naturist Movement The Naked Truth: Nude Resorts Want Younger Members Why dont more young adults try social nudity? Needed: New Nudists NudeInMa posted these in another thread, and I thought it would be better to start a new...

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Hey Everybody!

I am a longtime closet nudist with minor outbursts. I like to be naked, and normally I talk large groups of people to be naked with me. I think there is no better feeling than walking around your house or in the woods or on the beach nude. I joined...

help us

I am looking for a nudist site for my daughter who is 15

Naturist Youth Council of Australia (NEW...

The Naturist Youth Council of Australia has created a new group on - if you are an Australian Nudist under the age of 30, look it up and join! Local Activities are organised, strict age restriction on group, safe atmosphere!

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New Year, New Adgenda - Youth & Activities

Hello all. Well it is finally 2009 and the days seem to fly and the years even more so. A lot of you have read the "Recuit Younger Members" thread that bounced around here for a while, and if you did you probably noticed that we never...

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