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Hey all, Am trying to plan a trip to my first resort or camp or wherever. I have been doing research on places, but am just not certain which one is really right for me, as first timer, a single male and one that is not overtly just a hookup place....

Places in Erie Pa

I see there is a nudist place about 2 hours from Erie. Does anyone have a nudist meeting place local to Erie? I would be new to this lifestyle and would like to try it first.

Skinnny Dip Falls NY

Does anyone have general info about the Ripley NY Skinny Dip Falls? I was there one time and did not see any nudist. Is there a good time to go for a better chance to see them. This would be my first time nude in such an area and prefer not to be...

New Hampshire

So Im wondering how active is the community in this state. Im especially interested in gay men here. It seems like there arent a lot of gay men who are nudists here. What gives?

South Padre Island Tx

Has anyone been to the nude beach area north of the end of the road on SPI? My wife and I are planning on visiting family near the beach, and we're looking for information on the nude beach location and how to access the area. Any information...

Tell Me About Caliente!

We were not able to take our annual trip to Florida this year. Cypress Cove has been our "go to". It is a very enjoyable and friendly environment for a nudist getaway. We love it there and haven't been to any of the others in Central...

Nudist friendly place in Tucson AZ

My home has been recently renovated and I recently decided to put it on Airbnb. If you happen to plan a trip to Tucson, feel free to reach out to me!

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What is the Friendliest Nudist...

We are planning for retirement in 2 years. We would like to live in a community where we could make friends with other nudist couples. Any suggestions for which resorts or communities would be especially welcoming?


We are both new to the nudist Lifestyle other than when we go to hotsprings. What are some good places in Arizona to shed it all off . We are located in flagstaff but are open to driving :)

Sandy Hook/NYC Nudist Beach - Looking for...

Hi TrueNudists! I am sort of new to exploring nudism and would love to check out the nude beach at Sandy Hook in the coming few weeks. Dont want to go solo though. Wondering if anybody in or around NYC want to join me for an outing one of these...