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Skinnny Dip Falls NY

Does anyone have general info about the Ripley NY Skinny Dip Falls? I was there one time and did not see any nudist. Is there a good time to go for a better chance to see them. This would be my first time nude in such an area and prefer not to be...

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Nudists in Gainesville, FL area.

Hi. I'm new to the site. Planning on relocating to the Gainesville, FL region. Any advice / suggestions for nudist locations or groups in the region? How accepting are they of single males with tattoos and piercings, some below the waist.

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Looking for Nudist Gatherings Near Auburn, AL

I don't have the time or money to visit any resorts so I'm hoping to find a group of nudists to meet up and hang out with in or around the Auburn, AL or LaGrange, Ga areas. I couldn't find any groups or topics on here about any such...

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Living alone as a nudist east from LA

I live alone as a solitary nudist, and neighbors show they are not receptive to nudity in living. Once in a while, weeks apart each time, I may go join in an event with the nonlanded nudist club I am in. That is an exception to the normal routine in...

The La Posa Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA)

The new season starts tomorrow. 7 months of boondock camping on 500 acres nude. Should be hundreds of campers there all season. Link to BLM website for more information.

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Places in Erie Pa

I see there is a nudist place about 2 hours from Erie. Does anyone have a nudist meeting place local to Erie? I would be new to this lifestyle and would like to try it first.

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Raleigh Durham Area Nudists

We are looking for nudists in RDU area or others traveling to RDU and seeking nudist friendly accommodations! You can review our resort at

I heard about a fully legal naturist hiking...

Check this article out. From 2009 I have been unable to find even a single additional source about this...

Locations in Texas

Is there anyone whos been to the resorts in Texas, or even Hippie Hollow? Been curious about it for a while and been wanting to get thoughts from other people.

Nude in New York City

In September 2019 I will be visiting New York City. So far I haven't found opportunities and places to be nude. Any suggestions?