small willies


It's said that black men are supposed to have big dicks. I love comparing my small dick to others. I think that guys with small dicks should stick together.

Found Home!

Really, there are ladies who are nudist and have no problem with small penis? If I find one, beware! I'm attentive and responsive... So Im gonna just sit here and wait on her to show up...Anybody want the digits??? Anybody?

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Any Small Buddies in Louisville, Ky?

Smaller guy here, would love to find a closer friend.

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Black man seeks small dick buddy

Hey guys, Anyone seeking a truth Nude Buddy on Whatsapp or Skype? Jaah

New here

Love my small willy Not ashamed to let others know and see. Hole to hear from other members.

Anyone into consistent convos about having a...

Hey guys, its taken me a ling time to be proud of what I have, but that doesn't mean that I don't like to have fun talking about, let's talk! :-)

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Small Willy Wales

Hi all, happy to be part of the group, proud owner of a small willy. Puberty hit at 14, little later than most of my school friends but not as late as some I have read here. I used to be a little shy of my smaller than average willy when compared to...

Hi, pleased to be here

Only found this group yesterday, thanks for adding me. 40's male from the north of England. Would love to find friends to chat with.

Happy to be small according to research.

Small penis perceptions

Dr Ruth in all of your sexual wisdom gave this advice to men with perceived small penis. She said stand naked in front of a full length mirror and masturbate until fully erect. In this state your penis doesn't look so small. Crudely put, men are...