Bromance SP

what is bromance for you ...

what bromance is for you ... how does it manifest itself, what is sought, what is done .... I would like, together with you, to understand more.

Cyber BRO?

Looking for a "LTR" (real cyber riendship) with a Bro (Str8, Bi, Gay, Curious, nule, etc) confidence and many hobbies to talk too

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by felixsoutham 
Open-minded bro in Los Angeles, California?

Looking to connect to cool guys around my age ... would be nice to hang out, work out ... hit me up!

Bonfire -- Men Only -- Platonic -- Nudity...

Who knows, maybe a bromance or two will trace its origin back to this bonfire. Bonfire at my place as soon as the trees are covered in leaves Springfield MO Area Send me a private message if you'd like additional information ~ Men Only ~ Male...

what is a bromance to you?

I guess bromance is subjective. For me, it doesnt need sexual but I think it involves at least some level of physical intimacy. Personally, I cant have a bromance with just anyone. I have to feel emotionally and physically connected. Bromance...

So Paulo- BR

Ola, sou novo na pratica de nudismo e procuro um parceiro fmz pra pratica e companheirismo.... Tendo em vista que tive poucas experincias, gostaria de encontrar alguem pra conversar, curtir, viajar Sou de Sao Paulo, Brasil e seria interessante...


Amigos, tivemos uma iniciativa de propor pessoas interessadas de Bromance em SP aqui no forum - mas acaba sendo um ambiente limitado - bora para outras plataformas que permitem a gente conversar com mais facilidade? Com a polemica recente do...

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Sleepless In Freeport

I looking for a bromace brother that can hear me, I live alone and I have no one to be naked with. yes I am a Christian but I need a bromace brother to be around.

looking for a pal in SoCal

hey Im 26, and live in souther California. Im pretty adventurous, like having drinks and playing board games. I have not hungout with anyone nudes before but Id love for that to change.. I swear theres more about me but thats for you to hit me up...

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Skype for younger bros

Hey brothers, anyone keen to Skype? Im looking to make more friends around my age (under 45), and Skype seems to be the best place!