RE: on the soap box

hmmm, not sure i agree with you there bruce, this is a nudist site, so pix would only be seen by other nudists, and think in todays climate of "discrimination" tend to think it would be a VERY brave/fooolish employer who sacked somebody for being a nudist? i also think, that is what some nudists think, is the way textiles would think, but i think most people couldnt give a damn about others being nudists.harleyYou're about as wrong as wrong gets. It's painfully obvious not everyone on here are nudists, in fact most of the members on this site aren't nudists.My wife and I have both lost jobs because we were nudists, both in the past five years. Nudism is a chosen lifestyle, thus does not fall under any discrimination laws. Can somebody please pass me the BS spray?

Why, you need a deodorant?

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RE: on the soap box

Wolt_girl: So very true! Thank you for just being you! A wonderful person!

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