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hmmm, not sure i agree with you there bruce, this is a nudist site, so pix would only be seen by other nudists, and think in todays climate of "discrimination" tend to think it would be a VERY brave/fooolish employer who sacked somebody for being a nudist? i also think, that is what some nudists think, is the way textiles would think, but i think most people couldnt give a damn about others being nudists.harleyYou're about as wrong as wrong gets. It's painfully obvious not everyone on here are nudists, in fact most of the members on this site aren't nudists.My wife and I have both lost jobs because we were nudists, both in the past five years. Nudism is a chosen lifestyle, thus does not fall under any discrimination laws. Can somebody please pass me the BS spray?

Why, you need a deodorant?

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RE: on the soap box

Wolt_girl: So very true! Thank you for just being you! A wonderful person!

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RE: on the soap box

My profile is not restricted so you can get to know me as a person, but I will always keep my photos for friends only because to me they are personal and I do not want to share them with just anyone. Naturists/Nudists or not.

A prudent policy. I tried to make friends with someone with a restricted profile once (I saw a post on a forum that I thought was interesting), and I got an angry reply stating that they dont make friends with single men. How was I supposed to know that? Oh, it was in your profile? The one I couldnt read?

When encountering a new user (new to me, I mean), I do look at the pics. Mainly because it is just an extra bit of information. I glance through their feed and check their groups too, just out of curiosity. I go through the pictures of people from my area to see if I recognize the locations. It gives me something to talk to them about.

I get blocking pics. Too many goofballs on here who want to gawk and comment. Of course, if you set a pic to friends only, then you get the folks writing you who demand that you need nude pics to prove your nudist cred. You cant win, really.

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RE:on the soap box

I basically agree, this is a nudist site, so why do people have blank profiles etc un here? They either simply shy and don't want their nude pics appear at unwanted places or they are just not what most of us would define as a nudist.
Nudism is so nice and exviting, but it could turn bad if folks take things in th wrong direction.

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RE:on the soap box

For starters, i think the website needs to make this a "Certified Membership" only website and force members to have a real photo of themselves in their profile, and that photo should be the actual one that you uploaded to this website for your verification, so every member starts off on the same page, and everyone can see your piece of paper with your username on it, and the date you was certified.

I also believe that every member should pay for their right to be here, because i hate the fact that non certified non paying members basically have the same rights in this forum as everyone else.

I do not however agree with the OP about members hiding their photos from all members, and i think that anyone who thinks that just because this is a "true nudist" website they should have the right to see every photo posted in this website.

There is no way i will allow any member who is not certified to see our personal photos, so we lock our personal photos because of this, and i have now changed this to "Friends Only" and this remains our right to do so, if you can't be bothered getting certified then you have no right to see anyone elses photos, naked or not.

If you want to be our friend you can see our non naked photos and read our profile page to find out more about us, and then decide whether or not you want to be our friends, if we accept, then you can see our other photos as well, but if you are a single male member, certified or not, we will not be accepting your friendship request.

Finally, we also figure that by not having a naked photo of us in our profile page, or naked photos visible to everyone in our media folder may discourage some male members from wanting to be our friends as well, which is totally fine with us.


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