Conduct and Etiquette

Discussions on what is acceptable behavior in social nudist settings

Family Nudist question

Hello,I am a closet nudist. I am a middle-aged man. Last summer I stayed at a nudist resort for a week a couple hundred miles from my hometown. Had a great time. This is a family resort and there were children there. That is what brings up my...

Kicked Out For No Reason - LESandSHARON

I was just kicked out of the chatroom for no reason. I was on cam with my head and shoulders only in view. I was chatting in the room with some friends, received a message from LESandSHARON "Don't be rude to me" and then I was kicked...


Sadly when even a "true" nudist website gets it twisted with their advertising about "You're Missing A Lot", with hands over privates, what many men and unfortunately even some women now, need to understand, as a TRUE nudist,...

on the soap box

i have noticed quite a few profiles that are blank or have restricted access, or photos that are not visable, i.e. friends only, certified only etc. this is a nudist site, presumably we are all nudists, why post photos/profiles and block access? i...

'Jewelry' at resorts and beaches

Hi there, I have been nudist for some time now and recently been wearing a ball stretcher. Although I find it a pleasure to wear, I haven't seen much nudist wearing 'jewellery' at resorts or beaches. The only place I have seen cockering...

Making Friends on TN: Least creeper-like way...

I'm trying to make friends on TN (preferably around my own age) by striking up as many conversations with people whose profiles make them seem interesting and fun to talk to. Many of these people are women, and just by reading the comments on...

lines are being blurred

the line between nudists and swingers has been getting blurred in recent yearsi have nothing against swingersand people can be botha nudist can be a swinger and go nude at those places/functionsbut can not bring that mindset into a nudist place /...

Getting an erection.

When I am nude I often get hard, especially looking at women. Are other nudists offended,do they have the same problem,should I just stand there with a hard on?

A Band-Aid for smart phones

A Band-Aid for smart phones Frist off I would like to say hello to the group as this is my first post. As we all know when it comes to smart devices with cameras. There are two camps one. They should not be used at nudist activates at all. And two I...

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