Conduct and Etiquette

Discussions on what is acceptable behavior in social nudist settings

The church and nudism

I have been searching but there is a lot of contradicting information. What are the churches views on nudism? And are any of you Catholics?

Household Help and Maids

For those who spend majority of their time at home, what are your experiences with the household help who also stay with you? or even maids who are hired for quick cleans then leave?Of course we have to respect their boundaries as to not come off too...

Pictures that disappear

I posted some full frontal nudes was not erect and not lewd and yet they disappeared I thought it was a nudist site so what's the problem

READ PROFILES Before Sending Friend...

I do wish people wouldhave the courtesyto read a profile before sending friend requests. I am getting tired of receiving friend requests from members who obviously have Not read my profile, which clearly states:"PLEASE NOTE : If you don't...

Resort & Campground Ettiquite

I have finally found a nudist facility that's the closest to me and where I'm pretty sure I will feel comfortable going this spring or summer. So here's my questions:When do I disrobe to avoid not disrespecting others or the environment?...


I have been blocked from the chat room because i used an "inappropriate" question. How long is the block in effect? Will i be able to return to the chat room again?

The time I broke my hip

In May, 2005 I was enjoying my last month of teaching high school English. Little did I know that Mother's Day would see my 27 years of teaching would come to a crashing end. I fell and broke my right hip. In the hospital surgery was done to set...

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sunscreen on cock/balls

it there some proper way to put a sunscreen on cock and balls,so it does not look like I play with my cock? This is happened to me at Haulover, I was putting the screen on and some guy told me that I need to stop to masturbate. What I was doing just...

Non-certified "females" trolling...

I'm getting tired of all the Friend Requests from profiles purporting to be females that are nothing but attemps to get visitors to their porn sites. Usually they say something like "I'm new to nudism and am looking for friends...oh by...


The fundamental basis of nudism is based on an open minded acceptance of the naked human form. To accept what is natural and feel free of the social stigma that clothing creates. That acceptance should not be limited. There are FAR too many nudists...

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