Conduct and Etiquette

Discussions on what is acceptable behavior in social nudist settings


Hi there.Having read some of the other "silly" questions from new folk on this forum, i thought I'd ask my own.My body isn't the best shape and Im conscious of sticking out like a sore thumb if I go to a site. I don't mean that...


I know it is not nice to stare at others. It can be a bit un-nerving if you are the one being stared at. On this site there has been talk about not staring at body parts. But let's face it our eyes are attracted by what's not normal.If I see...

Rapidly growing society of disrespect.

Is it just me, or do you find that people are becoming far more discourteous. I'm not suggesting it's all from the younger generation, there seems to be a lot of anti social behaviour even from the more seniors. Is the societythat we grew up...

Please un-ban me form the chat room

Hello mods,I just saw the chat rules on the top right, and I think went way over the top with PMs when i wasn't getting a reply from the person I'd pm. I apologize to who ever I bother with my msgs.Please can you un-ban me. I give my word...

Naturist in Southwestern Ontario.

I live closer to Windsor On. Area. Other than Toronto, or one other venue in Leamington,there seems to be very little available to a naturist wanting to enjoy the sun.Are there other venues available to Naturists in this area?

Kicked out of Chat Room ?

Yet again I've been kicked out of Chat, without a Word, Warning, or REASON.I'm sat ON cam Naked from waist Up, chatting / typing with Others, THEN I'm out,and for WHAT ?

Nudists of Maslin Beach Chased Down Peeping...

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pls remove my ban.

i am steve i joined today and when i sent to chat it shows that u cant enter this romm??why is it so??

Looks like I made a new friend (Not) No. 2

OK, I tried to make a friend of a fellow TN Member, like, I presume, you're supposed to. Admittedly, I never even saw his request for no Friendship Requests from single males and I now have no way of checking how predominant that notice (I nearly...

Naked failiure.

After meeting my very good friend for a few beverages in the pub the other night, we went back to my house for a few after closing, she knows I dont wear anything in the house if im on my own.After a while chatting she looked at me saying, If you...

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