Conduct and Etiquette

Discussions on what is acceptable behavior in social nudist settings

Nude Massage

First let me preface this that this is not a sexually oriented question butI had read about some nudist resorts that offer massage...Has anyone had this done? Care to share with a newbie?I have had massage before but never nude... So, Im curious...

the definition of nudity?

this might seem like an odd question but i was discussing it with a nudist friend of mine and it got me wondering about it. its my understanding usually when a nudist is cold they put a shirt on, but would they still be nude if they had a piece of...

Would you ever consider,or have you ever...

I know in a lot of European countries, this is common.I was talking to an old friend of mine who lives in Hawaii,and the discussion turned toward Little Beach. She was saying she has been there. But that she'd never take her daughter there. BUT,...

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How do I report a member?

I was contacted buy a member in the chatroom who asked me if I was part of a nudist family and then if I was sexual with my family, it's pretty obvious to me that the member was trawling for other pedophiles.How do I report this person, I flagged...

Suggestions for 'shy' nudists

I've seen posts on just about every site like this I've been on about the pictures that other users do (or don't) post. People complain about other users with clothed pictures, pictures with no nudity or no pictures at all. On a site like...

Gross Photos in Groups

I have seen some extremely gross photos posted in some groups but can't seem to find a way to flag them. Is there a way to flag them or is this an upgrade that is needed in order to do this?

Just curious

I am just curious what is the proper manner if you are in a situation where you have to go to the bathroom and there isn't any bushes near by to go in and no where else to go either.

These moderators are absolutely ridiculous.

I was in the chat room, minding my own business. Just looking for people to chat with, preferably for me; being a shyguy, in private chat. I mean,,,I was literally minding my own business. Hurting no one. Taking care of business. With one hand while...

Are most true nudist young?

It seems to me that "true nudity" is about the freedom of being restricted by societies expectations and norms! So then, why do most of the pictures seem to be young people? Why aren't older women (out of shape, a little heavy,...

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