Conduct and Etiquette

Discussions on what is acceptable behavior in social nudist settings

Staring in a nudists resort

I have always question why some nudists resorts have an unofficial rule which prohibits staring at others. Staringoften occursaccidentally, with the intent of thebehaviorbeen misinterpreted by the observer. If a person is comfortable with nudity, why...

Using TN in a public place

Is it acceptable to use TN in a public place? With people potentially looking over your shoulder at the screen of nude people, is it acceptable?

Nudism and medical appliances

I have a question about something. I currently am a closeted nudist. I am also a pre op male to female transsexual. However recently i have had to start to rely on wearing a catheter and bag for incontinence. Would wearing my urine bag with the rest...

Comically uptight locker room advice from..., not peeing in the shower I can understand - but no conversations in the locker room? A rule against air-drying or blow-drying oneself before getting back into...

Setting the boundaries

I posted part of this in a groups too. What I am reading alot here is not about traditional nudism. Posts about intentionally leaving ones clothes behind or claiming they were stolen and parading around, Its about exhibitionism. Two different things....

Covering Up Because Of Weather or Temp

I understand there is a difference between, "clothing optional," and "nude," so what does one do when they're at a nudist facility and they just get chilly or if it rains? Is it considered improper to slip a little something...

Nude Massage

First let me preface this that this is not a sexually oriented question butI had read about some nudist resorts that offer massage...Has anyone had this done? Care to share with a newbie?I have had massage before but never nude... So, Im curious...

the definition of nudity?

this might seem like an odd question but i was discussing it with a nudist friend of mine and it got me wondering about it. its my understanding usually when a nudist is cold they put a shirt on, but would they still be nude if they had a piece of...

Would you ever consider,or have you ever...

I know in a lot of European countries, this is common.I was talking to an old friend of mine who lives in Hawaii,and the discussion turned toward Little Beach. She was saying she has been there. But that she'd never take her daughter there. BUT,...

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