RE:How Not To Be Creepy

1. Dont make comments on others bodies or looks, even if its meant as a compliment.
Would like to respectfully disagree with this rule. I think it depends upon the relationship between the people involved and the type of comment. Adults who have known each other for years may appreciate recognition of losing a lot of weight or the work put into a fitness regimen.

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RE:How Not To Be Creepy

Reading this series of posts gave me a flashback to a time in my childhood.
I watch a group of boys playing out on the ice, which was broken up. They were hopping from one chunk to another as they would rock side to side when their weight would shift. One wrong jump would have caused them to slide off the ice to be trapped under and no way to get out. Quite scary to watch! No one drowned that day!
Moral of the story: Stay centered and balanced, don't flirt with disaster,the result could be really bad!

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RE:How Not To Be Creepy

oh dear, never play on thin ice, I might as well give up life now and book that place in the retirement care home. Life is for living, if you always get the balance right then you probably have never learned anything. I quite like it when my bit of ice starts to wobble, it tests my character.

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