The Etiquette of Private Chatting.

A few thoughts on the etiquette of private chatting which I follow and would like to share.

Firstly, this is a nudist site and so entitles you to be nude but not pornographic or offensive. There is a thin dividing line between nudity and sex ; we need to keep in mind on which side of the line to stay. It's not that that line cannot be blurred sometime , but that is only if the conversation strays and both are comfortable with it.

Secondly, it is downright rude and impolite to cut off or go offline in the midst of a decent conversation without a good enough reason for doing so. If there is a disconnect in the chatroom I always follow it up with a message to the person I have been chatting with to explain the situation, so that they don't feel they were just left hanging. However disinterested one might be with a conversation one can always make an excuse to bring it to a gracious end.

A private conversation is a one on one means of exchanging news, views and experiences while fostering friendships and getting to know one another. At best, it needs to be honest and not some game. It is not some cloak and dagger affair where one is likely to get caught in indulging in something unacceptable by those around. If one feels that way, one should ensure their privacy.

if one is multi chatting privately ensure that sufficient attention is being paid to each of the persons you are chatting with and the conversations are not mixed up. This is very off putting and shows a lack of respect for the person or genuine interest in keeping the conversation going.

Here's looking forward to some great and polite tete-a tetes!

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RE:The Etiquette of Private Chatting.

Well said sir

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RE:The Etiquette of Private Chatting.

And never forget, private chats can be reported to the mods through cut and paste, and you're booted. Be care of what you say, because you really don't know the person you're chatting with.

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