Conduct and Etiquette

Discussions on what is acceptable behavior in social nudist settings

Is this forum really helpful or unhelpful?

I cant help wondering about this forum. Posts seem often to be negative - and pontificating on naturist etiquette might just be a waste of time and actually repel genuine new naturists. Basic decent behavior doesnt need a list of rules. And the same...


Before you talk, think Is it necessary? Is it true? Is it kind? Will it hurt someone? Will it improve upon the silence? Sai Baba

What to bring to a nude beach

Before going to a nude beach what will be the most important things you should bring and what items you should not bring. How would other nude beach goers react?

Vote for a return to civil discourse and...

If, like me, you are getting fed up with all the name calling and petulant behaviour and wish to see a return to the use of good manners and civil discourse on this site, please say 'AYE'

Merry Christmas

To all my friends and regulars here and specially to: Jen & Steve, Art, Phil, Linda, Nudinma, Gerry, bxnanude, cherry, catbird, Blue iron, Curt, ocmick,Jacky, txag_1975, wirral_naturist,Gator1, Knarfje (If I forgot anyone, SORRY!) Wanted to be the...

Nudists and personal space.

I know that people in the non-nudist world have different needs/proclivities when it comes to personal space. But does that change in the nudist world? Here are three nudist resort scenarios where personal space might be "infringed" upon:...

The learned janeandjoey, just sent me

The learned janeandjoey, just sent me a rather upsetting e-mail. I know I should probably have just deleted it, (he probably can't hold his cocktails or maybe they are just jealous)and I am probably being too sensitive, but it got me wondering...

tan trhough swimming wear

recently went to the Bahamas and wore my tan trough swimming trunks wore them the whole time and they worked no tan lines

Family Nudist question

Hello,I am a closet nudist. I am a middle-aged man. Last summer I stayed at a nudist resort for a week a couple hundred miles from my hometown. Had a great time. This is a family resort and there were children there. That is what brings up my...

The old pervert with new disguise - JoeDoyle

This is the new nickname of the idiot of Adelaide who comes on the chatroom and all he does is jerk off on cam. Hasn't the trueteam found the permanent solution to stop this freak from disrespecting and breaking the rules of the chatroom? I...

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