Conduct and Etiquette

Discussions on what is acceptable behavior in social nudist settings

A Band-Aid for smart phones

A Band-Aid for smart phones Frist off I would like to say hello to the group as this is my first post. As we all know when it comes to smart devices with cameras. There are two camps one. They should not be used at nudist activates at all. And two I...

First time being nude in the public eye

Ok so Im brand new to this and have never actually been nude around others but I really want to give it a go so I can enjoy my new found freedom. My question is once Im around other nudists for the first time what do I do if I accidentally get an...

Peeing in front of nudist????

Hi there im new to nudism with other people, and was wondering what was the rule if a male or female wanted to pee say if we where in a jungle, at a beach or at home and they was other nudist in viewing distance should we go behind some rocks when on...

Advices for the first time

The wave naturist has been spreading in the world and already it does not turn out to be strange nudist finds a beach as option to the beaches betray them. If you decide to have your firstly experience in a beach nudist, bear our advices in mind.The...

Club O

Hi again folks, as I posted earlier I have been nude before on a beach. When do I get undressed, what if I get excited or whatever... im brand new to all of this so be gentle lol.

Latest Post
the same idiot wanking on cam!

There is some idiot going by the nickname VinceWoodland who comes on chatroom and it's always wanking on cam. It seems like a video actually, but I can't be sure. When I click on his profile trying to flag him, it tells me "User is not...

Lewd comments on photos

What's up with people thinking it's okay to comment rude or sexual things on peoples photos? The number of people that I have seen leave this site because of the pervs commenting on their bodies or making sexual comments is really sad. This...

Latest Post??? Explain?
by nkdrnr0610 
Invite for nude swim

We have been invited by another couple to go to their house and go swimming with them and lay out nude. After exchanging some pictures, I (male) find her extremely attractive and scared that I will get turned on. I've never been that turned on by...

Latest Postgood idea
by RandyM4u 
What do you wear when you cant be nude but...

What do you wear when you cant be nude, such as front yard where neighbors and kids can see, etc.My wife wears sun dresses, but I end up in some cargo shorts but am looking for something to be a bit more free...:)

Cameras at Nudist Locations

Cameras have always been banned at nudist locations, but with the changing technology ofphotography, I believe that it is time to set a more realistic set of rules for the use of cameras. Personally, I am not opposed to taking photos at...

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