Naked dating show . It's here !!!

Has anyone seen the uk show called naked dating. How does it work. One person has to choose from six potential dates , who are behind screens and naked, the screen pulls up to show the bottom half first, then turn around and show your ass, then your chest and last your face.You elemental people at each stage and left with two to choose from.Interesting g show

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RE: Naked dating show . It's here !!!

It's actually called Naked Attraction. I watched the first couple of episodes and it's OK but i don't think it's interesting enough to watch long term.

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RE: Naked dating show . It's here !!!

We have a similar show here in the USA on one of the cable networks, but, I have no idea why it's even on since it's all completely censored out (so puritanically gay, especially since it's only on a pay channel) and really, it's done quite poorly, overall anyhow, and of course every "contestant" is between 21 and 27 only, and all have that "look" you know, the kind you only ever see the fake people in movies and on TV have, and no one in reality ever looks or dresses like they do (when they ARE clothed that is), they are probably all just paid actors from the actors guild anyway since all TV here is 100% fake, doubt it will last very long anyway, it really is flat out terrible.
We also have a different TV program titled "Naked and Afraid" where a 1 man and 1 woman "team" meet each other in the nude in some remote location and stay nude together for up to, I believe, 21 days in some of the Earth's toughest and most extreme places to try and survive in, usually deserts, deserted Islands, vast wastelands, etc., the show itself is OK, but again, it's also censored/pixelated. So many pencil pushing preppies go on it and think they can handle it but most fail miserably. lol
Whatever happened to GOOD, hilarious, very well acted and WATCHABLE TV shows like these for a small example; "The Benny Hill Show" (my all-time favorite, the man was a true comedic genius, I just loved how he would interact with poor old Jackie Wright and parody everything under the sun, the Queen, Edi Amin, everything, including US movies, shows, songs and celebs! LOL), "The Paul Hogan Show" (though, I think that one was an Aussie show), "Monty Pythons Flying Circus", "Mr Bean", "Are You Being Served", "Keeping Up Appearances"? I loved all of those UK shows and many more over the years!
You ol' bloke's across the pond really do know how to make some of the best and funniest TV shows, oh sorry, "programmes"!
UK TV shows that eventually air here (typically 1 to 4 years after they've already originally aired in the UK) are always quite different and really funny and with characters you actually like and want to root for, and they never seem to be just the same tired old people doing the same tired old thing in the same tired old situations blabbing out the same tired old rehashed lines and plots over and over once again and again and again like every US TV show does.
I swear to god, every single "sit-com" that ever airs on the CBS network (if it's not just another tired cop, doctor or lawyer show) is ALWAYS just rehashing an old 1950's "I Love Lucy" episode script/story/plot down to the last sentence!
And c'mon, who doesn't die laughing listening to good old Onslo hilariously explain his father-in-law's or sister-in-law's latest misadventure with Richard?
I love whenever the dog pops it's head out of the car that lives on their front lawn to bark at Hyacinth. LOL That is classic TV!
My wife and I have NOT been able to watch any new US TV shows in ages, every time we think a new show's going to be good here we are sadly always let down yet again, and than wait for a re-run or the next new episode of Dr.Who or Top Gear to come on BBC-America. lol (Mr. Baker IS still the best Dr. IMHO)
And even thought it's not a comedy, I've been hooked on Eastenders since it first aired here back around 1989-1990. I can remember how stunningly gorgeous Letitia Dean was on that show the very first time I saw her in an episode. It was nice to see her return for a spell, but she has really gone to the dogs and let herself go, I guess she's the UK version of our good old Sally Struthers (of "All in the Family" fame), she too was once so gorgeous and do-able but has expanded even more than the national deficit! LOL
Cheers mate!

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RE: Naked dating show . It's here !!!

I found it on You Tube, watched about half of it, and found it quite boring. I am just not a fan of that kind of program and it certainly does not adhere to the nudist philosophy of body acceptance. The contestants judge and are judged strictly on how their body looks with the first comments made about penis size.

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RE:Naked dating show . It's here !!!

We have Dating Naked on over here. It's the stupidest TV program I have ever seen. It's so contrived. Who watches this rubbish? Certainly a real nudist wouldn't bother.

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