Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity


Looking for Nude Halloween Costume ideas? Can you be nude and clothed at the same time?

Things To Do Nude: How About Posing For A...

How about posing for a photography book project? Professional photographer looking for volunteers to pose semi-nude/fully nude for future published photo book... each subject will have quotation attributed to them on what he/she likes about...

Gardening in the nude

I love to tend my garden wearing only sandals. Here in Arizona there are sunny days all 12 months of the year, so weather is not always an issue.

Divine Proportions at the London Vaults -...

Are any members heading to London to enjoy the delights of this feast and sensuous evening with a cast of divine beings. There are two performances on 8th and 24th Nov which are clothing optional (following on from the great performance of Hair last...

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sunbathe on an old road

Go somewhere out in the country and find a paved very straight and flat road that is VERY lightly traveled. Make sure its flat so you can see in both directions, maybe with binoculars and lay a towwl out and nude sunbathe. If you see of hear a car...


Who here only swims nude and owns no swimwear? I do own some and suspect I always will since there are places I like to go that are not clothing optional and there are people I want to be with who are not nude tolerant.

Things to do in the winter

I live in a northern climate and the winters are not pleasant. Are there any good ideas and things to do nude?

Nude gym wanted - Sydney

I am interested in working out nude at someone's home gym in Sydney. I am easy going, very friendly, and love being nude. If you can help, or point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Snow Skiing!!!

Has anyone done a naked ski run?Although I have not done a run naked yet it is on the bucket list this year and will probably get check off more than once!!!!More appropriate is the Nude Apres after skiing, and hitting the hot tub or saunas!Looking...

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