Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

naked in front of fireplace stove

Really nice to be naked in front of a fireplace stove. Saves gas and you have a chance to be naked and it is good for the climate. Quite natural. And you have a heat radiation which is not possible with electric or gas heating.


If you intentionally take a nap, are you nude when you do so? I usually am.

Celebrate birthdays

Celebrated a birthday of a friend yesterday about thirty people came by for cupcakes fruit cup and shots. No orgies ensued just good wishes and good conversation in socially nude situation.

nude figure art modeling

I did my first 3 hour session today It went better then I thought it would

Driving nude - know its been up here before,...

I had a great day today - put in my single longest nude drive. Not talking golf here, but in my car. Was a beautifully warm Spring day around 28c and found myself on the motorway nude...and just keep going to home, where I hoped out and walked into...

Couch surfing in India

Hey guys. What's the scene for couch surfing in India. How well has it penetrated ? Have you had any experiences ? Any visitors ?

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Work from home

I know that one has probably been done a million times, but I decided to start my own business that I can run from my own home, all while being completely naked. Any other nudist business owners out there? I would love to do a nudist resort's...

Whats on your nudist to-do list?

What is on your nudist to-do list? I see a lot of people talk about going to nude beaches, which I highly recommend, but Ive done that. For me, it would be having a professional photographer take nude pics of me. Would love to hear your ideas!

Nude Deer Hunting

I have considered starting a nudist Deer Hunting camp in South Carolina. I was wondering if there was any interest?

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