Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Nude mirror selfie

This is me and my bestie Gatita had one of the nude mirror selfies. How often do you all do nude selfies at home?

Cooking while nude

I'm actually about to cook dinner in the nude. Nothing wrong with that, right? At least as long as you're not frying something that might splash on you.

Driving Nude

The other night, we had a very warm evening, and, late at night, I put the top down and drove around my city totally naked. So nice! The warm breeze felt so good! It was late at night, so there was no traffic to speak of. It felt wonderful.

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by SweetButtocks 
Vehicle repair

Has any body worked on your car or truck in the nude? I find that it is more comfortable to move around with out being restricted by clothes. The only time I wear something is if I'm going to get really dirty. I once did a complete brake job...


I will probably have an SUV for a few days while my convertible is being repaired. Probably a good opportunity for my first naked drive? Any suggestions on the type of road I should try so I won't feel too conspicuous?

Driving nude - know its been up here before,...

I had a great day today - put in my single longest nude drive. Not talking golf here, but in my car. Was a beautifully warm Spring day around 28c and found myself on the motorway nude...and just keep going to home, where I hoped out and walked into...

Getting back into it

About 15 years ago I posed about half dozen times for a local group of artist to practice sketching. For various reasons i stopped. A month or so ago I checked online and sure enough the group is still meeting. A new guy has taken over the...

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Appliance Repairmen, Piano Tuner, Insurance...

When I schedule an appointment for someone to come to my house -- regardless of whether I called them or they called me -- after all of the arrangements have been made and just before we hang up, I say, "Oh, I'm a nudist and will not be...

(Almost) Naked Running Man

Met the man that is referred to as the Naked Runner in my area. He isn't really naked, he runs shirtless in very short split side shorts, even in freezing weather....

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