Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

If nudity was legal in your area how soon...

Would most of us be comfortable walking into a grocery store nude if 99.9 percent of the folks around us were clothed. It would definately need to be warm outside.

Naked PS4 Gamers

The title says it all really. There's nothing better than sitting naked with a controller in hand, and a alcoholic tipple within easy reach, 100% paradise, ( don't tell Mrs Newbie, she'll kill me for saying that)Who else loves the freedom...


Any nudist handyman in the west valley of Phoenix??


Anyone else here also playing Pokerstars online? I do it nude, so guess you can say it is stripped poker.

Skiing in the nude :)

Has anyone ever done this before? I've always thought it would be a lot of fun to go snow skiing naked but there are no resorts I'm aware of in the entire United States that would allow such a thing :)

Pose in a Photo Shoot!

Pro photographer looking for volunteers to pose for a future published photo book. Males, females, couples, groups, looks unimportant, any age over 18. All photos will be published in a future book celebrating the nudist lifestyle.. it's fun &...

driving nude

please share your experiences on driving nude

Sit around with another nudist enjoying a...

Meet a local nudist did not think i every would. We meet up and sat around naked enjoy a chat and a few beers. Just felt so natural and so enjoyable.