Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Seattle Naked Polar Bear Plunge

I would like to organize a Naked Polar Bear Plunge at Denny Blaine Park here in Seattle on January First, New Years Day at noon. The city of Seattle Parks Department puts on an official Polar Bear Plunge at Matthews Beach and it is fun to have a...

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Skinny Dipping!

Have you gone skinny dipping this summer? Is it a special occasion when you get to swim without your clothes on, or is it something you're fortunately able to do frequently? I'll post my own answer to these questions in a little bit today,...

shaven not trimmed

I feel like a bond girl when i say i am "shaven not trimmed" .I have a hairy butt which i shave when in shower. But i leave my pubes to grow.Please share your opinion on women with excess hair on body. Do men like it shaved . Trimmed or as...

Finding Nudist Home Groups

In the Pacific Northwest we are coming into the winter months with associated cold temperatures, so resorts, etc are closing for season. Is there a list if nudist groups and gatherings in different areas? Would be great to find one in the area I live...

Pool Maintanance

Started vacuuming the pool nude this year and also cleaned the filter and did misc. tasks inside my privay fence without clothes. Who else does the same? Quite a freeing and relaxing feeling for me.

Shopping nude

I remember reading once about a grocery store opening up to a special event for nude shoppers. I don't remember where or how long ago. I wonder if anyone has actually tried this or could it be arraigned with the store. I guess the part of the...


Was chatting with an acquaintance last evening who like me, always wears shorts when the weather is warm enough. Since I knew he telecommuted, I commented that an advantage of working from home is that he could work wearing shorts all summer. His...

The opposite rain coat walk.

Today was the second time I was going to take the dog for a walk when they was a chance rain was going to fall so I just had a rain coat and sandals on and the rain coat was not done up when going for the walk along the country lanes so it fell open...

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