Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

hunting while nude

Anyone else enjoy hunting in the nude??? ive killed several deer, hog , game birds, and a bison while in the nude,its a great turn on!!!

Covid 19 helped me have more nude fun how...

I was at a condo in Depoe Bay, OR this week and when I went to go use the community pool I found instructions that said only one family is allowed to visit the pool house at a time. It quickly occurred to me that this is an opportunity to have a...


Who here only swims nude and owns no swimwear? I do own some and suspect I always will since there are places I like to go that are not clothing optional and there are people I want to be with who are not nude tolerant.

Naked in the Rain and Mud

Last Spring I had the opportunity to hike on dirt service road naked in the local mountains. I know a lot of nudist like to walk around outdoors naked, but with shoes on, but I am truly a nudist and love to also be barefoot. On this dirt service...

Creative Halloween

Did anyone come up with a good halloween costume for a nude Halloween party? The best I saw this year was a group of super heroes wearing just cape, mask, gloves and boots. But I've seen that done before. Just looking for ideas for next year.

Naked at the beach house

I recently rented a beach house where I go on weekends, when I arrive the first thing I do is get rid of my clothes, after that I do all the chores naked, things like mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, making dinner. In the logical pool I never...

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First Time nude art class

I remember my first nude modelling very well My partner Stefan said to me "would you like to pose nude for a local art school". I thought to myself why not because I have been seen naked many times at beaches and resorts. Stefan made an...

New Nude Things in 2020

Its been a challenging year, especially for social get togethers. I had hoped to visit a new nudist resort or two. Instead I had to settle for doing other things naked. My list of new nude things in 2020 includes: Mowing a yard, planting trees,...

Who plays twister nude

We loved playing twister naked. Some awkward positions but that is all fun and games