Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Dont go well?

Right now nude outside almost anywhere in the usa is out, insulation is in. Nude dont go so well in frigid weather. Im temporarily in Houston Texas and its freezing up tonight. And tomorrow night. Although I'm nude in a heated truck. I have 3 BMW...

SF bay area massage exchange?

Any other massage enthusiasts in the Bay Area? I'm not a pro but have had a lot of massages and want to practice on others.

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Favorite things to do-socially naked

For those of us who visit nude places (resorts, clubs, etc) and with the exception of removing your clothes, what does everyone enjoy most and least when naked in a social setting? Also wondering how many people here go to these places? Myself I...

Nude meet up

Any nude meet up happening in and around Karnataka next weekend?

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Hot Tubs and Spas.

Just about ready to move to a new house and have bought a 5 - 6 person spa. Any suggestions on how to have fun in there? Also ideas for decorating around the area? I am in Australia.

SO have you been busted?

We all want to be nude!! But have you been busted by a friend or relative being nude? truying to explain away the nudity... Let's talk about it...

Nude in a NY gym.

See here that a New York gym is offering nude gym time.

Working on projects around the house

I enjoy just working around the house nude. I have a long term project that keeps me busy in the garage for several hours a day. As long as I'm not operating any power tools I'm much more comfortable nude. The only problem is I do miss having...

Nudist Photo Shoots

Anyone ever considered taking part in a nude photo shoot?

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