Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Covid 19 helped me have more nude fun how...

I was at a condo in Depoe Bay, OR this week and when I went to go use the community pool I found instructions that said only one family is allowed to visit the pool house at a time. It quickly occurred to me that this is an opportunity to have a...


Who here only swims nude and owns no swimwear? I do own some and suspect I always will since there are places I like to go that are not clothing optional and there are people I want to be with who are not nude tolerant.

Working Naked Day

This day of 5th February 2021 is once again the day we should celebrate nudity. Hope this day goes viral and more will participate. How about you? Working Naked Day

Disinfecting the greenhouse.

As it was a lovely day I decided to spray the greenhouse with jays fluid so it will be ready to start planting up for the summer and the best way to stop getting any on my cloths is to do it naked. This is the second year I have done it naked.

Exercising and Sleeping

My grandfather would undress at bedtime, do some exercises naked, and then put on PJ's to sleep. Anyone ever do that or or know someone who did?

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Climbing Nude

hey! Anyone know of good places to climb nude in the NorthEast US? I'm getting into climbing would like to try climbing nude too!

Online Fitness Classes

Anyone be interested in live online fitness classes? Im a personal trainer and would lioe to do some classes. Any thoughts? Would you be willing to pay a small fee or free classes?

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Naked yoga

Hi - does anyone know of any naked yoga / fitness classes near Thetford ? Thank you

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hunting while nude

Anyone else enjoy hunting in the nude??? ive killed several deer, hog , game birds, and a bison while in the nude,its a great turn on!!!

Naked in the Rain and Mud

Last Spring I had the opportunity to hike on dirt service road naked in the local mountains. I know a lot of nudist like to walk around outdoors naked, but with shoes on, but I am truly a nudist and love to also be barefoot. On this dirt service...

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