Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

OFFER FREE Double room Luxury Catamaran...

We offer free one double room on luxury catamaran on 07-14 JUL 2018 to sail Cyclades Islands in Greece, leaving from Athens sailing to Mykonos, etc. We are looking for a nice, beautiful and funy 30s-early 40s couple. Free, you just will be...

wearing clothes when nude

I am naked under my clothes.Therefore, I am wearing clothes while nude, whenever necessary.:)

Nudist Photo Shoots

Anyone ever considered taking part in a nude photo shoot?

Naked Adelaide - nightclub

Enjoy a dance and a drink, Naked Adelaide is hosting a nude night club night at a City venue. 19 May. Visit the Facebook page to see more details. I dont run it, you can ask the site manager on Facebook.

Nude art model for class

Going to my first ever Nude Art Modeling session tomorrow evening! It should be interesting not really sure what to expect. Although I have modeled a number of times in the past year for solo photographers.

Burned the trash and disappointed

I live rural and generally burn my trash. I wait until the conditions are safe to do it. No wind, recent rains. Today i awoke to a dead calm dense fog morning. I hauled several trash bags out to the burn pile and lit it up. Made several trips to get...

Ride my quad around the countryside nude

Waiting for the weather to warm. We live in the country and have easy access to open countryside and I plan to take the quad out for a nude ride. Miles and miles to ride.

Nude gardening day 5th May 2018.

Well it is this date again but I will be out most of the day and it looks likely to be on the cold side as last year. Sunday looks better.

Waterworld Swim - Stoke on Trent, UK

I was just wondering if anyone was going to the waterworld swim this year either the one March 19th or the June 4th. Im thinking of going and was wondering if anyone else was?? Sorry if ive posted this in the wrong place, wasnt sure exactly