Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

looking for suggestions

I recently moved to Kennewick Washington. I am looking for suggestions of places to go or possibly people to meet and hang out with possibly in the general area. I know its not easy to meet new people or strangers, but I am only a little odd, lol....

Naked in a non nudist home.

On Friday I called out to the lady next door daughter that I have some spare vegetables to pop in and when she came in I was nude as normal (I think she would have been surprised if I had clothes on) and I also said there are a couple of self seeded...

Washing the Car

Who does it nude? I don't because my driveway is in front with no screening and live on a busy street. Have done it in a skimpy swim brief. Probably would wash it more often if I could do it nude.

If nudity was legal in your area how soon...

Would most of us be comfortable walking into a grocery store nude if 99.9 percent of the folks around us were clothed. It would definately need to be warm outside.

Nude Dinner Party Potluck Club

Happy Nude Year I pray all is well. So I'm thinking of creating a naturist dinner club. We'd trade recipes talk about current events and network. I live in DC so Hopefully it won't be that hard to do any thoughts?


Too cold to go for a nude hike, or lie out in the sun. What do you do to satisfy your nude urges during the cold winter months?

Night Driving Duo

Something I have not experienced is driving unadorned (nude) with my partner/lover. My ex was less than adventurous and was unwilling to strip off the threaded cage we call clothes, so I'm more than ready to taste these kind of memories and...

shaven not trimmed

I feel like a bond girl when i say i am "shaven not trimmed" . I have a hairy butt which i shave when in shower. But i leave my pubes to grow. Please share your opinion on women with excess hair on body. Do men like it shaved . Trimmed or...

Merry Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas! Beeing naked you have two more christmas bulbs!

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