Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Nude Buddies

Has any of you guys or do you remember the first nude experience around other guys, I was around my family and it was accepted to be nude just not in front of our mom. my first experience was at a private swimming pool, which i did not know that the...

Dual nude activities

We're going to tie two of the already mentioned activities together. Nude gardening and nude running. After all they kind of complement each other. Growing the kind of food that will impart the best health and endurance and then making use of the...

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Nude massage offered

Hi guys. I'm looking to improve my massage skills and am looking for willing volunteers to practice on :) I'm in Kent (UK), unfortunately I can't accommodate but I'm happy to travel to you, as long as you're not too far away. Only...

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Naked Camping / Glamping

Attention Glampers: Easy Going Older SGWM, 5-11,165, nudist who likes taking his motor home glamping, esp to clothing optional gay camp grounds and large all male nudist gatherings looking for an easy going, height / weight proportional older GorBiM,...

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Naked dating show . It's here !!!

Has anyone seen the uk show called naked dating. How does it work. One person has to choose from six potential dates , who are behind screens and naked, the screen pulls up to show the bottom half first, then turn around and show your ass, then your...

Big Nude Boat

Hey All,A few years ago, I did an Atlantis cruise from LA to Mexico. It was the greatest fun anyone could wish for, except it was textile.I have been looking into the big nude cruise for next year but it may not be my cup of tea as it seems very much...

Naked BBQ

Great when better weather to enjoy a social naked BBQ with friends!

Enjoy the ocean surf...

-Tides- is an interesting piece of art in a YouTube video about a woman being tossed about, in the surf.Tides - video should be enjoyed by all nude art lovers, and especially if you can have a similar...

Naked Chores

Best way to get cool and have freedom of movement

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