Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Nude meet up

Any nude meet up happening in and around Karnataka next weekend?

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Hot Tubs and Spas.

Just about ready to move to a new house and have bought a 5 - 6 person spa. Any suggestions on how to have fun in there? Also ideas for decorating around the area? I am in Australia.

Nude in a NY gym.

See here that a New York gym is offering nude gym time.

Working on projects around the house

I enjoy just working around the house nude. I have a long term project that keeps me busy in the garage for several hours a day. As long as I'm not operating any power tools I'm much more comfortable nude. The only problem is I do miss having...

Nude Massage

Im going to an hour full body Chinese massage! Should be fun and relaxing!

Body Scrub (actually getting my first one in...

So tomorrow is my first body scrub im 33 and have never had one in my life so kinda interested to see how it turns out. My skin isnt super dry but is a little bit. I think that getting the full body exfolicated is really good way to have the dead...

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First thing you did nude...

Since there is already a topic for the "Last thing you did nude..." it seemed unfair that there wasn't one for the first thing you did, so I thought to myself, "I'll fix that!"I'll start:Was born

Nude in the Snow

When I was younger I would always sneak out and take a quick run in the snow with just my boots on. The shock of the cold temperature with the flakes of snow falling around felt amazing! Afterward I would run inside and grab myself a cup of hot...

Going to King Spa in Niles, Illinois on This...

Going to King Spa in Niles this coming Tuesday The 19th of December from 4pm until about 10pm! I wont have wifi available I dont believe at that time but would be cool to meet any of you from TN!

Working in the nude

Does anyone have a job or know of a job you can work while being naked either indoors or outdoors?

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