Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Night Driving Duo

Something I have not experienced is driving unadorned (nude) with my partner/lover. My ex was less than adventurous and was unwilling to strip off the threaded cage we call clothes, so I'm more than ready to taste these kind of memories and...

shaven not trimmed

I feel like a bond girl when i say i am "shaven not trimmed" . I have a hairy butt which i shave when in shower. But i leave my pubes to grow. Please share your opinion on women with excess hair on body. Do men like it shaved . Trimmed or...

Merry Christmas

I wish you a Merry Christmas! Beeing naked you have two more christmas bulbs!

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Outdoor Nudist: Nude Camping and Hiking

"Whether you want to do it to try something new, even out your tan lines, or just get back to nature, we're here to help you get started." Nude Camping - Naked Hiking -...

Gardening in the nude

I love to tend my garden wearing only sandals. Here in Arizona there are sunny days all 12 months of the year, so weather is not always an issue.

Connecticut Nudist

I want to meet other nudist closer to Danbury Connecticut to meet and spend some nude time. I have attended Garden of Eden nude swimming long time ago. I miss it very much. By the way I am male from Indian subcontinent.

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Sitting in a quite place .

I like the thought of just sitting in nature . Naked as can be . Also near a cool stream or sea. Alone or with passes by. I don't agree with fourceing it so if people see at a distance they doesn't seem to mind . I wonder if the U.K. has a...

Another good reason to work nude

I've had several jobs where I carried keys for entry throughout the facilities so developed the habit that if my keys were not in my hand they were in my pocket. I always know where they are and they never get locked in or me locked out that...

Audio Conference Calls

While I am retired, I serve on several professional society an community boards and associations that have audio conference calls at times. In warm weather, I almost always participate nude. On the rare occasion I have a request for a video call I...